What the next expansion pack should be.

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I was thinking a touge expansion pack. It would have downhill and uphill mountain passes like the ones from Motorsport 4 or a better example would be like the ones from initial d. Imagine you're racing someone online on a narrow downhill road, only a few inches from the guardrail and the door of the person you're racing, then you see the corner you've got the but his car corners sharper then you remember the trick you learned with the gutter (that the developers put in being big initial d fans) he slams his brakes and you just keep going and slide your two right wheels in and just fly by. The two of you are both shocked. He's thinking "WHAT THE F**K JUST HAPPENED!", and you don't know how the hell you pulled that off, but all you do know is that that was the best race you've had since Motorsport 4... and guess what?... that guy wants a rematch. vote this up if you think we need, nay deserve a touge expansion pack.