Release Day DLC - Is anyone else thinking the same?

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I've never been anti-DLC or complained about paying a little extra for some additional content.... For a proven game that is.

However with Forza Horizon, especially after the luke warm demo, truthfully I'm a bit leery. I played the demo a few times, while I enjoyed it, I seriously hope that the complete game is better at keeping me interested.

Anyways, I just got back from finalizing my LE copy at Gamestop so that I can pick it up later tonight, which was $79.99. I had no idea that they were releasing a paid DLC on RELEASE DAY... and a release day Season Pass for $50.00. I'm very big on having all available cars in a racing game. I've purchased every single DLC car in FM4, difference being... FM4, 3, 2, 1... Have all proven themselves first. I'm really quite blown away that they're going this route with an unproven game, basically using the Forza name to prematurely justify the game in hopes to make $$$$ off of all the DLC. It just stings a bit, especially after just dropping $80 on the LE game. If I had known they were going to be this buck wild with DLC from the get go, I probably would have passed and picked up an "Ultimate Edition" later on.. Because we all know how that works. Oh well..

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It's just the nature of the modern video/PC game industry. It took me a long time to "accept" the concept of having to pay $50 on top of $60 for EVERY freaking game if you want to see the additional content. 

My way of delaing with it - I beat the game and forget about it. I beat Borderlands 2 and could care less for 4 upcoming "expansions". 

Paying $10 (of whatver the price of DLC these days) for 10 cars is ludicrous. Why would I want additional cars for the game I beat already and moved on?


Constant nagging in loading screens about DLC is annoying though. 

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I think the release day DLC was a way of seemingly rewarding those who got the LCE. Of course, though, companies are always looking for more money, it's how buisiness works.