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Does anyone know if you can just cruse around or are you forced/moved from race to race like in Forza 4?

There is a section in one of the videos (I don't remember which one) that says you can find beat up old cars in barns and garages which you can then buy and fix up implying you can just drive around, see the sights, race against your own times, find the true top speed of your car and engine endurance, if you don't feel like racing.

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There's "free-drive". It is unknown however if the whole map is accessible from the start, or if it unlocks in sections as you complete races.

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Yes. You can free ride between races and look for collectibles (riding throught some discount signs etc).

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The ENTIRE map is free roam from the start. One of the early challenges is to find an old BMW in a barn on the outskirts of the map, then go back to the event and pick it up.
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Thank you guys, I appreciate the answers.