Open Road

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Thank God finally they gonna have an open road man but just by having this i kno there gonna drop a huge ball some where in the game so well just have to wait and see where the game lacks in i gotta say forza 4 was so far the God of all driving games

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i believe they have lost some of the 'simulation' aspects, thus requiring less intricate physics. slightly more arcade but hopefully not quite as arcade as nfs games

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they say it has the same simulator as forza 4 just moddfied a bit.
its not a massive online game like test drive

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Well, I believe the physics are basically the same. But honestly - the Forza 4 physics were not "absolutelly perfect" and were tuned for the racing circuits using some shortcuts (for example if you run out of the fuel, you could still move forward by changing the gears). And I guess that by taking many races out of the asphalt roads, these Forza shortcoming will be jsut more visible. They were even in the previsous Forza games. But better hidden. Honestly - try to drive outside of the road and try to consider if it feels erally ralistic?