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I'm very happy with the demo. It gave me a good impression of the game and I like it.

Gameplay is fun and arcadey, so they obviously made a step backwards from the simulation. Sometimes I can go full throttle through a corner, even if the braking line is red. I love that I finally feel the grip of the car, not like FM4's "icey" feeling, where you would constantly slide around in higher powered cars.

Graphics are very good and realistic looking, but the cars don't seem to be as detailed as they were in FM4 what is understandable.

Soundtrack is good and bad. Too much dubstep remixes on the electro radio chanel for my taste... but I thin I can live with that.

I think this is a great game to chill out and cruise around :)

So overall I'm really looking forward to this game :)

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Dirt 4 :(
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Dirt 4 :(Mikerush76
Really? Dirt 4? The full game is fantastic so far, I picked it up at midnight and am loving it. The only thing thats not great is that they give you alot cars early on, 2.5 hours in and i have like 7 or 8 cars already. The handling is different for every car and the game looks great on a 47". Dont listen to the annoying trolls who want a another racing sim when it clearly isnt supposed to be one. You want a sim go play NFS Shift 2
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Speaking of "icy". The Challenger SRT8. Sweet ride, slippery as snot on a door knob.