My 1998 McLaren F1 Doesn't Show Up In My Garage (Answerable)

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I really need help with this. Today I purchased a 1998 McLaren F1 for $2.99 USD. It says purchased on the Marketplace when I go to it, but it doesn't show up in my Garage. Please help!!!!

Thanks, Ultra

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Okay, I found out why it isn't appearing in my Garage. It isn't saving to my flash drive, which I always use for all of my game storage. It is saving to the Xbox 360 storage, not the flash drive. I clicked on Purchase again, and it gave me the option to download it again. However, it says Save to: Xbox 360. I want it to save to "Flash Drive," not "Xbox 360." Please, help me out on how to change the storage device that it saves to! Thanks!

Also, sorry, I meant a 1993 McLaren F1, not 1998!

- Ultra

Edit: I figured out how to change the storage device, however, when I try to download it to my Flash Drive, it says "Xbox Live servers are not working. Please try again later." I found that the Core Services are down. But, now it says that the Core Services are working, but it still says the same error message! Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!