Forza Horizon racing game

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What happened to real driving games ? I am very disappointed TURN 10 You can do better than this garbage of a game SCORE 3 . Where is the action the suspense of street racing .We 40 something want a real game not fairy tails. By the way where is the. ENGINE. NOTE.MUSIC dosen't make a racing game and a Burn find.........
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I'm not sure if I completely follow what you are saying, especially toward the end, but Turn 10 will still make another typical Forza, this was a shootoff (a very good shootoff IMO). This is not the end of circut racing. I respect them for trying something new, but it is not for everyone, so just wait until about this time next year, I bet Forza 5 will be coming out.

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Ya, I'm pretty sure this is just a spin off as well. I'm a huge fan of the Forzas, and I find this game to be a bit more relaxed and open to casual racers, which is a good thing.