Forza Horizon Demo Play Through (Commentary)

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Hey guys, so I've been playing a lot of the Horizon demo and have been checking out these forums to see what everybody else thinks of the game so far and all I've been able to find it people asking does it have this, does it have that. To answer those people I recorded my play through of the entire demo (almost 40 minutes) and uploaded it to YouTube. If you guys wanted to check it out it would be awesome, also let me know what you guys think about the demo. Personally I love it, cars feel great! I explain more in the videos. Thanks a lot, ~AR12Gaming Part 1 - (Still uploading I will update thread when its done thanks)
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Here is Part 2 - Enjoy ~AR12Gaming
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Part 3 is up, check it out only 1 more part after this, Enjoy
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After playing the demo several times it seems to be a very big disapointment not to mention from what i am hearing it will have multiplayer free roam BUT it will only b 8 players (LAME) I will never touch single player as i do not buy games for single player i will only play multiplayer.


This to me makes this game worth buying only when its in the bargin bin for $7.99


The driving is fun but the rest is crap. the annoying people who tell you what to do the music its all 2nd hand stuff that should have never been put into the game and to me takes away from the driving experience when you constantly have people telling you what to do where and such its so boring.