A Forza Horizon group for car lovers. CHECK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey everyone. Safari won't let me cut and paste from the Forza board so I'll keep this brief. I'm a car guy! I don't care what you race, tuner, muxcle, exotic. This is a group for people to talk and race cars. I own a WRX, I've had a civic, I will only drive manual (in real life), I race with a +95% dufficulty (manual, real damage, no racing line etc) I'm a true fan. I have FM4 and I love simulation. 

I'm looking for fellow car lovers, and race lovers. My club is koopakustomz and the password is 3422. If you love cars, then you're welcome. I've got a mic, and would love to meet some others who like to race, and just talk cars. 

For the hell of it, I'll tell you my favorite car, just so you know what kind of guyt I am. If I could pick any car in the world, it would be.....

I don't care about resale, I don't care about anything, I have one in mind. It would be a 2002 Dodge Viper GTS ACR yellow with 2 black racing stripes. It's my favorite car, I'd take one over anything. After graduating university I promised myself I'd buy a viper one day. I love skylines, rx7's, supracs, 2nd gen eclipses, but a viper has always been my overall dream car. I will own one one day, not matter what model it is.


I think this shows the kind of person I am. Oh, and chances are I could beat you in a race with the same settings, I'm pretty dammed good. So join my club, let's talk cars and kick some ASS!!!!!! :)

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I love the Corrado in this game, its amazing. I happen to be looking for one in real life!

And Vipers are sick too.