One to remember!

User Rating: 10 | Forza Horizon 2 (Day One Edition) XONE

This game is totally worth it despite it's age.

So, I'm an ocasional gamer. About 2 years ago XBOX put this on the games with Gold and I downloaded it. After a lot of time I've actually started playing it and I loved it.

There's absolutely nothing to miss here - great graphics with hyped colours, true engine sound and effects - I'm actually one of those who liked playing the game listening only to Levante FM - and an amazing gameplay that let's you really enjoy the car you're driving whether by means of a coastal road trip with no racing involved (but that you have to complete) or by rally racing among the hills and vineyards typically found in this area of the globe.

The result is a thrilling game with lot's of replay value for the enormous amount of cars available and challenges you can be a part of.

I've particularly enjoyed smashing the boards and doing the bucket list challenges - and some of these last ones can be a pain to get through.

My review won't add much for a game that's probably dead and buried as it was already surpassed by 2 other games in the series but if you can have it for free and as an entry door to the Forza Horizon world, it's definitely worth playing.

You do have to be a car enthusiast, obviously :)