Much better than Forza5

User Rating: 8 | Forza Horizon 2 XONE

To start Ive logged approx 24hrs of gameplay so far with a mix of solo and online play. Picked up boxing day sale for $40 and well worth it for that price.

The open world is sort of bland certain areas do differ from each other but nothing drastic. maybe more fields, open highways or tigher city streets but the landscape seems very similar no matter where you go. There is car traffic but its very light compared to games like Burnout or GTA when racing around or exploring. It's still quite enjoyable but more effort and less recycled content would of been easily achievable.

Jump and stunts are a nice touch but still nothing compared to other games out there. Sure you can hit a ramp or small hill and get some small air in most cases but nothing crazy.

Driving elements feel a lot less technical than your typical Forza series. Car handling definitely feels more like an arcade style, less technical and more forgiving when you mess up.

Car variety is very good! It seems there is a vehicle for everyone maybe not as much inventory as Forza 3 or 4 but can't complain. Lots also avail with no pesky DLC buy extra BS. Being able to choose custom decal jobs by other fan favs is also a huge plus. Lots of paint and decal options as well.

Online matches are a lot of fun and very competitve. I have not seen many races where u get AFK issues and servers run perfect. Still lots of people online so finding players is never an issue.

There is one DLC available so far STORM ISLAND which i think ill pass on for now. (currently $20) If it goes on sale ill definitely buy.

My fav part by far is the rally racing. Highly recommend! Pick this game up if your a Racing fan it will not disappoint,