Open world, freedom and beautiful cars. Need I say more?

User Rating: 9 | Forza Horizon 2 (Day One Edition) XONE

This game is incredible. If you played it's xbox 360 counter part (Forza Horizon), this is not much of a difference other than a lot of improvements. You get a great big world to explore featuring things that the old game had like discount signs but it has been improved to the new generation.


The story is set in southern Europe, featuring a fictional event called the "Horizon Festival". You have the world at your fingertips with places like Cote D'Azur or Provence to explore. Whilst all that, you are competing at the festival to get up in the wristband levels. You will compete on events like "Showcase events", regular racing and etc

Graphics and other remarks:

The graphics in this game are stunning. With the new dynamic weather effect you get the real world feel on driving in Europe. To add on to that, Playground Games have done an excellent job on detail within every car in Forza. Small things like the speedometer in the car actually working and the rear view mirrors just adds to the experience in my opinion. Doesn't have any practical use but still shows attention to detail.


This game was a ball. Every second you play of it, you want to play even more. You can speed down the highway with a high performance race car or take a leisure drive with a classic. Either way, you will be getting a great feel of the Forza Horizon series.