Greatest car game

User Rating: 10 | Forza Horizon 2 (Day One Edition) XONE
I willl discribe this game in a very simple words, the greatest ever car game. I played FH before its look great, but this game is really beautiful and gave me alot of fun. First its an open world car racing game, don't be wonder if the graphics is not look like FM5, but i'm sure its the best open world graphics in new generations. There is more than 200 high detail cars, in the day time the graphics looks normal, but its really amazing in night time with colored lights and awesome views. Now about gameplay: There is a huge map you have to discover, alot of though rivals challenge in the game, many type of challenges, collecting boards, racing, delivering cars, online racing, discovering new areas for secret cars... There is alot of fun inside this game. Controlling: I don't know how to discribe controlling, but if you are new in forza player you can manage controller and make it easy to control the cars, if you are pro. In forza, you also can change for really hard controlling w/shifting and drifting, really great cottolling for each car, any way i like to play in easy mode lol. Soundtrack: I liked them but i hoped to add r3hab revolution song to the game playlist XD. Playtime: I'm sure you will spend alot of hours of fun in solo mode, also in multiplayer mode. I think i will spend more than 100hrs of fun in this game