Nintendo Switch - BEST GAMES OF 2018?

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Hey Everyone!

H-BOB-OMB! Here,

A lot of people were asking me what i'd choose as my favorite Switch games from last year so I made a little video about it, which you can see here:

But more importantly, what games would you all consider to be your best picks of 2018?

I'm always looking for recommendations and I'm a sucker for indie games!

Cheers -- H-BOB-OMB!

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Idk why I even watched this I don't even have a Nintendo....all this made me think was I really wish I had one... I'm jealous

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Personally, I thought it was a relatively weak year for the Nintendo Switch, especially with the online fiasco. Spent most of it just playing Odyssey and BOTW. 2019 looks like it might change things up.