Microtransactions Are Great And We Need More

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I'm so sick and tired of the internet hive mind bullying poor little Electronic Arts because they were brave enough to charge you money for something you've already been charged money for. I defend them vigorously, to the death in this video, which is coincidentally also my thesis for law school.

Thanks so much for watching, I hope you enjoy. And Professor Portnoy, I've got a sweet 5 ounces of "basil" for you if you give me a passing grade.

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I dont get it.

I mean I dont get why people are even interested in playing EA games to begin with, I stopped playing them I think around 2006. I mean its all the same copy and paste they have been doing, Battlefront looks like literally BF with a different skin.

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Honestly EA are just constantly ruining themselves. Micro transactions need to stop

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To me it would be better if they didnt make it pay to win