Looking for who to watch...

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I just returned in the esports community and gaming in general. But I still don't have all the time to actually play games yet.

2 weeks ago, I went ahead and downloaded DOTA 2 when I heard from my friend about World Cyber Games featuring the game. The tournaments already started, so I'm just following results for now coz I don't really know what else to do other than that. But because of her, I went and watched this old documentary about esports back in the day.

Seeing Grubby makes me wants to know if he's streaming anywhere, and if he is I'd like to know where.

Also, is there any other classic gamers like Grubby who streams? Or if anyone can recommend anyone great in Dota 2, that'll be great.

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I've been following this World Cyber Games event out of curiosity. And I find it interesting that WCG's Championship tournament will be held in Xi'an China where many gamers will compete! Anyways try checking Dendi! He is one of the highest followers on twitch :)