Intense Flight Simulator Ground Attack | IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles.

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A-20 Ground Attack sortie, details below Airfield Destruction! A-20 Havoc goes ballistic.

A lone A-20 Havoc supports a ground invasion of a German Airfield. This ground attack highlights the lethality of the A-20 Havoc platform. All 20 bombs were used to great effect and all belts of .50 cal ammo were exhausted! It surprised me the level of destruction a single A-20 Havoc can accomplish.

I had alot of fun doing this IL-2 ground attack. The only problem being with more AI activity in il2 the more PC resources are needed! The il2 A-20 modelling is fantastic. I think the A-20 Havoc is probably the best ground attack plane in il2. It has a decent payload, it can take heaps of damage from AAA, it can perform well on a single engine. Also, for its size the Havoc is quiet nimble and it is no slouch in the speed department. Flight simulator ground attacks are always fun especially when done in a decent WW2 flight sim like IL-2.

Video compilation made by IL-2 Crashes and Fails.