Hoping to get some feedback on my channel

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I started my YouTube channel about 5 months ago with a focus on longer form style humorous reviews on games, movies, etc. A lot of these earlier videos would take maybe 20 hours each which quickly burnt me out a bit, especially with so few views and only 14 subscribers. So recently, I have been experimenting with some short videos while I work on the longer ones, some of which you may have seen posted here. Honestly I just want some good feedback and if some of you could take the time to peruse my channel that would be very helpful. Thank you.


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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing good.

So, I've edited a compilation of some finest clips from Apex Legends! It includes Insane 360 shot from King Richard as well as other Pro Plays and Funny Stuffs.

It would be great if you give it a view and give your feedback here or on the video on how I can improve!

Thank you for your time!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXtZmL7HtzQ

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@mysticalclips: hey man, no offense but your post here would be more appropriate on your own thread. This thread here was created so people could view my own channel and provide feedback. If you want to get some feedback on your work, please go back to the main page of Youtubers/Streamers Unite, and select "Create Thread"

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You definitely need a better title and thumbnail. Make your youtube channel look more appealing would be the start. Thank you