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Subbed back, thanks

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Hii , i see that no one streaming on facebook

Well mine was facebook streaming

Well i prefer if u like the page or u like the content leave a like or follows on my page

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    Wannabe Gaming

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    Game live streaming around 6 P.M(GMT+7) Mon - Friday Thanks for supports
  • Current number of subscribers (Followers) : 30 followers
  • Current number of viewers :
    Averagely 15 - 30 (^_^)

    current goal was to get 100 followers

    hope my post was according to the requirements
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I got nothing but the best madden nba2k gta5 and cod vids and steams on my youtube

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I have a channel called HeroJournalism where I cover comics, video games, movies and cartoons, mainly genre stuff (superheroes, sci-fi, horror, etc...), and with a heavy focus on the history. I don't stream or do lets plays or walkthroughs, but I mainly do mini documentaries on the history, with original interviews and footage.

I've been at it for two years, and have 375 subscribers, but always looking to grow- if anyone here wants to subscribe, I'd be happy to subscribe to your channel as well. Just reply to let me know you did, or when you subscribe, drop a comment mentioning "Gamespot forums" and I'll automatically sub to your channel.

Here's a video I did on the Game Masters exhibit on video game history that was at my local science museum last year (yes, video games at the science museum!!).