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Attention, YouTubers and Streamers.

Want to get some more subscribers but don't want to get banned for advertising? Please feel free to post and search this thread.

If you want someone to subscribe to your account, please include all the relevant information:

  • Channel name
  • Link to the channel
  • Channel description
  • Current number of subscribers
  • Current number of viewers

Failure to post all of the required information will result in the post being removed and your account will be moderated accordingly.

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Hi people of the interwebnet, I'm Seany9990 and I'm a new YouTuber hoping to catch a few viewers here on the forums. I'm a genuine gamer with no motives other than to make some informative and entertaining videos. I'm primarily an Xbox player but I do play the Wii U and PC/Mac. I do impressions, reviews and let's plays.

Even if just one more person found my channel and subscribed, it would make my day/week/year. Thanks for reading and hopefully subscribing and would love feedback to help myself get better.

I have less than 10 subscribers and 300+ views on a dozen or so videos. Lets all help each other and keep gaming! Much love, Seany9990

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Third week of YouTubing finished! Please Watch, Like and Subscribe. Would love to trade subs with any other new Youtubers... just come check out my videos and give me some feedback :)


6 Subs

400+ views

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Hey everyone, I have started streaming recently on Twitch. I tend to stream Destiny but do stream the odd game here and there (Tales from the borderlands, BFH, Transistor). I primarily stream on X1/PS4 and I'm always open to have people join in. Feel free to add my GT (KoRRRuPT) or PSN (Cmf_Krupt)!

120+ views

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Bit late... but here's my review of Arkham Knight... please subscribe and comment and I will sub back!


10 Subs
500+ views

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Hi, i'm Rasengg and i recently started out on youtube. I upload funny highlights from a side variety of games, because laughter is fantastic, and i hope that i can make someones Day. I upload 1-3 times a week, and i put a lot of effort into my videos. If you're interested then check me out!

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i have just recently started my gaming channel on youtube i upload trailer/gameplay video i will upload count downs and game reviews later on

gaming point

7 subs


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Hi guys! I recently started this gaming channel! Please check it out!

SOY Gaming

This channel focuses on Vampirism Fire, other Indie Games! Feel free to comment on my videos and subscribe to my channel!

5 Subs


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ah this is interensting


62 subs

average of 25 views per vid

total 9627 views

i basically do whatever i feel like doing mostly gaming, might do some other stuff

i play mine craft and skyrim mostly, some ryse and rome total war, im waiting for the for honor game to come out cause i love that stuff

im open to any suggestions cause why not :P

i posted this cause yes i wanted a few more people to watch my vids as well as i want people to give me FEEDBACK cause i tend to get blank vids in comments

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Went back to Destiny for an evening to see where I left off...

Seany9990, 10 Subs, 500+ views

Will sub back if anyone comments/subscribes :]

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  • Channel name - TheTanelChannel
  • Link to the channel -
  • Channel description - Triple A and Indie gameplay videos, reviews, unboxing stuff and what not in the future.
  • Current number of subscribers - 1742
  • Current number of viewers - 127,824 views

Umm yeah, hello I guess :D don't know if somebody will ever read this but I do try to make quality content, mostly about triple A games but also have fun with indie games. I originally started in my native language and am the biggest estonian Youtuber (native speaking) and now also made this channel to get my ideas out to the masses. Also a good way to practice my engrish :)

Hope you enjoy the videos :)
Here is a sample video.. I visited E3 2015 in Los Angeles, filmed all the press conferences and E3 showroom floor. Have seperate videos for many interviews and stuff like that :) next up is Gamescom! See you there?

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Hello! I have 2 channels in my youtube-network.

The first one is called Simplifiedhistory, and the second Lookingbackat.

Simplifiedhistory, is about historical moments, scenarios or happenings which are to be explained in a simple, funny way.
In, Lookingbackat, we take things as pop culture, music genres, movies, game series etc., and describes the history of them.

Current subs: 7 and 6

Current viewers: 90 and 450

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#14 Posted by GuyFromIreland (15 posts) -


  • A channel that specialises on mostly wrestling content
  • 9,150
  • 5,368,180
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Hey, whats up. All I do is mess around and make gaming videos.

Sub me!

18 subs

600+ views

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Please check out my gaming youtube channel called SkeletonMinerGaming. I play games such as minecraft, skyrim and even Please subscribe and leave a like if you enjoy. Visit my channel at

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Hey, new video for my channel (link below). Got Facebook and Twitter linked to my channel so have a look/like/subscribe/comment/share/tweet... erm... I think thats everything!


20 subs

600+ views

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Channel: Onofrim

It's a channel to show some games to people who's looking for new games. Therefore they don't need to buy or download it before see how it works.

I'm starting now, so I don't have many subscribers.

Thanks guys, hope you enjoy!

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Hello, I've just started my Channel on YouTube and are looking for Subscribers. I will subscribe back. I post videos on YouTube from my Playstation 4.

Number of subscribers:- 6

Number of view:-12

Channel Name:- Hunted_2014



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@onofrim: subscribe for subscribe?

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@hunted_2014: Sure! Subscribe in my channel and give another link. I didn't find your channel.

If anyone want a subs for subs just send reply here!!!

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#23 Posted by Hunted_2014 (11 posts) -

@onofrim: Okay will do

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#24 Posted by Onofrim (12 posts) -

@hunted_2014: your link doesn't work.

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#25 Posted by Hunted_2014 (11 posts) -

@onofrim: Search me on YouTube then Hunted_2014

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#26 Posted by Onofrim (12 posts) -

@hunted_2014: ok

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Hey, new video from Seany9990. A channel dedicated to all things gaming. Today its all about getting your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner into gaming!

20 subs

700+ views (growing steadily :)

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Hello everyone! I have just started a gaming channel! I'm really excited about it and I hope you will check it out! :)

  • AGirlAndAGame
  • I do and will be doing, let's plays, list videos, flash games, group let's plays, and podcasts.
  • 23
  • 70
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Hey this is interesting. Well I play mostly survival horror games and Dark Souls in my channel (blind playthroughs and challenge runs format.) Whenever you guys have the time, come check me out :)

Lady's Channel

Subscribers: 37

Views: 2,888

Here's my latest upload :D Thanks guys!

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@DigitalDame: CHAOS GAMING

So mainly my channel will revolve around Borderlands the pre sequel Minecraft Games like that but also we will be playing horror games such as FNAF1-4. The channel is made up of me James and my friend Brandon, we have currently 4 subscribers and 1 video with 3 views so far, all of our channel art and thumbnails are custom and we use sony vegas to edit and photoshop to crete thumbnails and channel art.

Latest Video:

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I go by Glub online and my channel is Glub Gaming:

I just started my channel, Glub Gaming, which is dedicated to all that gaming has to offer. I do Gameplays, Commentaries, Discussions, Top 10's, and more!

I currently have:

  • 8 subscribers
  • 90 channel views
  • 5 videos, and growing

Here is my most recent video:

Thank you for all the support, and hope to see you on my channel.

- Glub

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Hello, my channel is gameplay am still getting then who can take a look at my channel ! thank all


Channel description Games, Gameplays, unboxing, PC, Console.

number of subscribers 11

number of viewers 348

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Wowsers! I'm so pleased my suggestion to have a sticky thread on this has happened!! I hadn't been on for a while and come back to this! I shall be checking all of you out that are on this thread and subscribing. I hope you will all do the same for me :-)

My channel is called beardygaming and we have several playlists going at the moment including multiplayer games along with Ori and the Blind Forest, Hotline Miami 2, Guns Gore & Canolli and Broforce.

The channel can be accessed here

Currently I have 126 subscribers and 1,026 views

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@seany9990, @sixpackgames, @rasengg, @nikhil_bathla, @soybeanpan123, @fang3412, @gorykorey, @skeletonminer03, @onofrim, @braxalicious, @hunted_2014, @gamecast, @jessthenoob, @LadyTenjoin, @chaosgamer123, @glubgaming, @cacomon.

Hello all! I've subscribed to all your gaming channels.

I'm hoping that you will like my content and will subscribe to me too! You can get to it here.

Let's get each other's subs up!

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#37 Posted by Onofrim (12 posts) -

@sixpackgames: Done mate. Thanks! Good luck!

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@beardygaming said:

@seany9990, @sixpackgames, @rasengg, @nikhil_bathla, @soybeanpan123, @fang3412, @gorykorey, @skeletonminer03, @onofrim, @braxalicious, @hunted_2014, @gamecast, @jessthenoob, @LadyTenjoin, @chaosgamer123, @glubgaming, @cacomon.

Hello all! I've subscribed to all your gaming channels.

I'm hoping that you will like my content and will subscribe to me too! You can get to it here.

Let's get each other's subs up!

Wahay! Great stuff, i'm subscribing to all as I type. Really enjoying some of your guys' stuff too! Here's my link if you need it :)

The Seany9990 Gaming Show

Also I have a new Review of RARE Replay so check it out and hit subscribe :)

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Hello, This is BoneheadedSamurai and this is the Final Boss, if you want to subscribe to my channel to go to the link below.

My YT Channel: BoneheadedSamuraiTheFinalBoss

15 subscribers


This is a Youtube Channel that does gaming from PS4 and Twitch to YouTube.

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#40 Posted by beardygaming (134 posts) -

@boneheadgamer01: I've just subscribed and will check out your content later :-)

Hope you will do the same for my channel?! ;-)

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Hello! I'm jesrivjr! I recently just got into that whole Let's Play thing! I have an on going Star Wars: KotOR series, with a whole bunch of new stuff coming!

Channel name: Simply called Jes Riv Gaming for now. Working on a better name... Or, at least trying to figure out a better one!

Link to the channel: Jes Riv Gaming

Channel description: I'm a big Star Wars fan, so Star Wars games are the center piece. However, I love strategy, RPGs, and horror games! So, those will be thrown in too!

Current number of subscribers: 7

Current number of viewers: Average about 10 views a video. My channel has 2662 views... Probably due to a Skyrim bug video I posted two years ago.

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#42 Posted by beardygaming (134 posts) -

@jesrivjr: just subbed up chap. Hope you'll become a beardling too! :-)

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#43 Posted by jesrivjr (32 posts) -

@beardygaming: I've become a beardling, sir!

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#44 Posted by BoneheadGamer01 (16 posts) -

@beardygaming: I have checked out your channel. completely legit. hope you keep your channel going!

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Hey everyone I just started my own gaming channel please check it out and provide me with any feedback. Every little bit helps your boy is excited for this youtube journey. I hope I can sub to you guys as well that way everyone is happy

Channel Name--Salty Gaming


Channel Description:

We are a new gaming channel that is here to entertain and make gaming fun. We do our best to make people salty and sometime you will see us be pretty salty. At the end of the day we are all salty and we are here to provide a gaming channel that can help make your day a little better.

Games that we will be playing:


-Call of Duty




Current Sub Count: 12

Current Viewers--I have 1000 more or less views.

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Hi guys,

I'm a gamer and recently I've started a Youtube channel which i upload Games I play on PS4, online, etc. 2-3 days a week. Currently, I'm playing Batman Arkham and I plan to add League of Legends and The Sims 4 as well. I need some support from you to keep going and continue doing what I'm passionate about.

If you like to know about me, I'm an IT teacher working in Thailand and YouTube gaming is just my passion and I can't do it without viewers. Give me some warm welcome and kindness and check my channel and if you like subscribe. As well as games, I decide to Vlog about my life in Thailand. I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks ^^

  • Channel name: Kisstache
  • Link to the channel:
  • Channel description: This channel is Let's play channel and I mostly play PS4, LOL and The Sims as well as Vlogging about my life
  • Current number of subscribers: 14
  • Current number of viewers: 800+
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Hey people of the Interwebnet!

I do weekly gaming news updates, gameplay videos, reviews and a 'Gaming With Jadee' series where I play games with my comical girlfriend.

Here's a link to my latest Review of Dying Light

Please check it out!

I'm up to:

30 subs & 1100 views

But I want more so come help me out :)


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Channel name: TR4GA Gamers

Link to the channel:

Channel description: We are three friends who plays video games for a living! We speak Spanish and English. I suck at this...we are actually 2 guys and a girl.

Current number of subscribers: 53 Subscribers right now..

Current number of viewers: 471 viewers.

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Hey Everyone please give me a subscribe on youtube my channel name is S3xyClan


please help support my newly started channel I currently have 16 subs and 124 views

My channel currently is just montages but in the near future I hope to do commentaries and tutorials so gohead and check out my channel

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#50 Posted by DoubleA24 (13 posts) -
  • DoubleA24
  • Just a member of the active duty US Navy who loves to play video games and shoot sh!t!
  • 7
  • >500