A look on WCG 2019's Final Assault Competition (VR)

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The VR competition made by WCG is a streamer invitational competition and has livestreamed through WCG’s official Youtube/Twitch. The game is streamer invitational so expect that top streamer per region will be invited :D

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I would like to know sir, the schedule of their stream. Also, since when they started this?

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followed this topic! This looks so cool, I've been watching WCG's live stream tournaments and I find it awesome! Aside from this cool VR Game they even included AI and Robot wars!!?? Whatttt!!! WCG is going beyond esports :D

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This actually looks so cool to me. :D

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VR competition on WCG. It sounds cool to me. Is there any updates if they have a stream in this event? I want to watch it :D :D