Your Favourite Combination in Titanfall

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So my fellow Xbox warriors, I'd like to know what your favourite weapon of choice is with both the pilot and a Titan. What works best for you when you splatter all that blood over the walls and pavement? Share some of your wicked kills with us.

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I was using the assault rifle(dat accuracy..) and now I'm using the SMG on my first re-generation, with the supressor it's very effective at medium to close range. I will switch to the c.a.r. version when I unlock it, that one is beastly as well.

For Titan I am using the rocket launcher, it's fun to use, otherwise I like the 40mm and lightning cloud combo. I lot of different play styles you can have in this game, I like to try different things.

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satchel charges



Explosive pack

Guardian Chip


Triple Threat

Vortex shield

Multi-target system

Nuclear Ejection

Core Extender

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The carbine and car smg are the two best guns to me. The carbine's accuracy is on point, and the car smg just mows enemies down. In terms of titan, I use Atlas -> 40mm Cannon (extended mag) -> Multi target missles.

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Carbine + ACOG + suppressor + radar + arc mines.

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I play control points pretty much exclusively.

Pilot: I use the 2nd submachine gun with the counterweight and extended mag, the sprint booster, enhanced parkour, satchel charges, the battery booster and dead man's trigger. You are mobile and able to get from control point to control point. You can get there and lay your charges around the camping spots, and then haul ass to the next one. If somebody comes in while you are capping it, they blow up with you denying them the point, and if you see a point you laid charges on falling while you're at another one, you can remote detonate the charges you laid denying them the point. It works really well.

Titan: I use the Titan's in AI mode typically to control a point while I go off on my own to work on others. I focus on anti infantry in the enclosed spaces of the control point. I use the Ogre with triple threat, the electrical smoke, big punch and rapid shield recharge or rapid reload. It seems to be a winning strategy and works well in denying pilots access to the capture point.

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How's everyone still finding Titanfall? To be honest I'm playing It far less now compared to when I first got it, maybe I'm a bit burnt out on it but hopefully they release some new exciting content for the game.

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I'm not burned out yet. The challenge requirements for regen make me play in different ways that I normally wouldn't. Last night I was doing the 50 satchel kills for gen 3. I was a hardpoint suicide bomber!

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Pilot: Spitfire LMG (great for talking down Titans) & 'Slammer' mod, Radar Pulse (see through all walls), Power Cell, Ice Pick or Guardian Chip (Map dependant)

Titan (Ogre): Arc Cannon, Big Punch, Slaved Warheads, Shield Regen mod, Last Stand, Electric Smoke

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Just got my bundle with Titanfall over the weekend so I'm super low level and still figuring it all out but so far, I'm digging the shotty with the see through walls perk... Titan load out I'm still pretty clueless on :/

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@BattleSpectre: I'm still finding Titanfall to be fun though because I am playing just multiplayer I am finding it to be a bit boring but the challenges are keeping me busy.

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I just started yesterday and got to level 9 so I'm barely able to do custom classes. The game is amazing though and plan on experimenting.