You reckon MS will add trackpad recognition for X1?

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I'm on the verge of getting a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse for my PC, however, I want my purchases to be future-proof and definite, and currently I know that Xbox One supports USB keyboards but not trackpads and not mice. I wonder if Microsoft will implement trackpad compatibility in some future updates. What is your best educated guess? Should I get trackpad-less wireless keyboard, or should I go for a trackpad one?

I'll get a wireless mouse anyway, so I don't plan to end up with just one device, it will be 2 devices, but I'd hate to buy a trackpad-less keyboard and then MS would add trackpad capabilities and then I'd bbe forced to buy another wireless keyboard, but with trackpad.

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Probably not to be quite honest with you. I've never felt the need to use a mouse or keyboard on my consoles so it doesn't really matter to me.