Xbox360 very loud and sometimes wont read disc's

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I have had this Xbox 360 since it's launch (warranty is long gone) and now it is starting to run into problems. first of when i insert a game it often doesnt load i will get message something along the lines of "please insert disc into xbox 360 console". i usually open the disc tray and close a few times or blow into it and it works again, the game will load fine but the xbox goes into full volume and makes an awful lot of noise.. anyone have any idea's of why? and how i could sort it out. as i said warranty is out and dont really wanna fork out the money for a new one or pay much for repair.

BTW i have another Xbox360 downstairs in the living room and my games and HD all work fine down there so it is not scratches (i take good care of my games) or my Hard drive.

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Sounds to me like it's toast, I had a friend have the same thing happen, maybe try to make it get the rrod and that should give you a warranty replacement. Make sure to tell them your "seriously considering swithcing consoles", and they usually replace it free of charge.

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RROD has a 3 year warranty so you are still covered for that through this month. You may want to figure out how to RROD the unit so it can be repaired under warranty.DataDream

You're not allowed to talk about deliberately breaking your 360. :o

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I will say to try and orient your 360 horizontally on the basis that my 360 sometimes makes buzzing sounds when playing when its vertical... but it's just a suggestion not sure if it will work for you.
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However the writing is on your disk tray, you are supposed to leave your console

For example, if the writing is horizontal you place your console horizontal

Apparently the xbox laser's are very picky so this might help your problem =]

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RROD time, i had mine since launch also, but it died during this summer, cool thing is it only took like 6 days to get mine back
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360s are so unreliable. my 2002 xbox has been working fine since i got it
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Please use the thread that we have stickied above that is dedicated to the topic of 360 repair.