Xbox One X vs. S

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I don't have much knowledge on technical specifications, but if the One S could render 4k graphics then why would one want to buy the X??? Will a better processor really make a huge difference?

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The 1S can only upscale games to 4k, which is not real, true, full quality 4k graphics. It can't actually render 4k visuals, and doesn't have the CPU and CPU/GPU pipeline tweaks in regards to CPU processor, RAM, and system bandwidth, to drastically improve the actual resolution, framerates, and loadtimes of current, future, and past X1/360 games.

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And since the XB1 doesn't often succeed in delivering 1080p (many games run at 900p), thats an incentive for the X1X, existing games will have no problem hitting 1080p. Though I don't see myself getting it this year.

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Native resolution vs upscaled