Xbox One X or Wait 'till 2020?

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After that amazing e3 conference that MS just had, It's time to dissect and figure out what we are actually going to purchase.

I was thinking of getting the X, (I currently have S). Phil said a few sentences about new consoles at e3, and then articles are saying it won't happen until 2020.

Now, 2020 is 2 years away. If I have the S already, should I just wait? What would you do?

Thanks for your input, Game on.

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#2 Posted by oflow (5180 posts) -

Buy that shit man. Its a major upgrade over the OG or the S.

2020 is years away and the new console is only rumor at this point. If MS is as smart as I think they are they will let the PS5 drop first to make sure their next console is better to not repeat what happened at the beginning of this gen.

Get a cheap midranged 4K tv if you dont have one like a TCL or Vizio M series for $500ish to go with it and it will be extra worth it.

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Hard to give advice on something like that honestly, really depends on what it means to you, how often you game, if it is within your budget, etc. but it's a nice upgrade imo, if you have a decent 4K TV and can afford it then why not.... 2020 is a long way still and I'm really happy with mine, I use it a lot, and honestly for me just with Forza Horizon 4 and Read Dead Redemption 2 for that alone it's worth the X....good luck with your decision but either way if you just stay with your current machine that's fine as well, same great games to play too, X is just a nice luxury

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I do game quite a bit, so I may invest in it. I have a entry level Hitachi 4k tv, non hdr. I play on that tv, and also a 1080p 1ms monitor.

I use the monitor mainly for Gears, I don't mind switching. I leave both cords by the hdmi port for easy switching. However Horde and Campaign in 4k native res must look amazing on the X.

All the games I mainly play are enhanced so it's making sense day by day to do the purchase. Gears 4, MvC Infinite, Dragonball FighterZ, Need for Speed Payback, and ofcourse I'll get Horizon 3/AC Origins soon.

Maybe within 2 weeks to a month, I'll make the purchase. I'll report back to this thread for my feedback. Thanks for the inputs game on.

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#5 Posted by chriscoolguy (683 posts) -

Sell the S, buy the X, then in 2020, sell the X.

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#6 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (18551 posts) -

I'd just get an X now... there won't be a new console until at least Holiday 2020 (that's 2.5 years away!). You'll easily get your monies worth.

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#7 Posted by Helghast_Merc (799 posts) -

I have to jump in and say that you should also get the Xbox One X system. I have had it for about six months, and I think it is worth the upgrade.

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#8 Posted by sukraj (27858 posts) -

id say jump on the bandwagon and get yerself an Xbox X

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#9 Posted by Ovirew (8792 posts) -

If there are a lot of games out now or coming within the next year or two that you want to play, then definitely get yourself the X.

If you are more interested in gearing up for next gen, and want to invest in an eventual library that will form on that console, then wait.

I still don't really have a 4k TV to fully reap the benefits of mine, but I'm planning to one day, probably when I live someplace a little nicer.

To me, the XBox One X is a chance for me to enjoy the great XBOX games that are out there now. The interesting games from this gen, as well as hit games from the 360 years. I can just kind of go back and enjoy them, and maybe finally complete a lot of the games I've been told are amazing but still have sitting on the back-burner.

I'm not even thinking about next gen. There's plenty to keep me occupied this gen. And dang, we have a lot of pretty great multiplat games coming over the next few years: new Elder Scrolls, new Fallout, new Red Dead Redemption, Cyberpunk 2077, and that Anthem game among the rest.

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#10 Posted by sakaiXx (5161 posts) -

Wait till 2020. Just get the slim if you really want an xbox. The reason is it doesnt have exclusive and the next gen just around the corner

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#11 Posted by Pcmasterrace69 (372 posts) -

You have one s.

If you can sell it then upgrading to one x is nice.

I also have xbox one s (got for 179€ with 2 games and controller on black friday) and Im happy playing my gears 4 at 50-60fps. forza horizon 3 and halo 5.

The main reason I dont get the x is because I got a ps4 pro too that I use for multiplatforms (and exclusives too) on my 1080p tv.

Maybe if I didnt have the 4 pro I could sell the one s and get the x. But right now Im happy with my systems.

Gonna buy in 2021 next gen console (not sure if ps5 or xbox 2) as soon as they go 50€ less first time :D

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#12 Posted by firedrakes (1932 posts) -

for 4k gaming(whole topic) its not worth it atm.

coming from a person that shoots in 4k.

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#13 Edited by robert_sparkes (2785 posts) -

The X is still worth getting if you can find a good deal. Still the best place to play multiplats added with gears 5 and halo 6 that will both look incredible. Forza horizon 4 will look amazing as well.

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#15 Posted by Verceties (322 posts) -

Here is my 2 cents. Go ahead and pick up the One X for Black Friday when it's at it's cheepest. The truth is even if they do release a new console in 2020, it's most likely going to have a weak line up at first like all new consoles. Secondly, with almost every new console Xbox and Sony makes, a year down the line they make a new, better, slimmer version of that same console so you might as well wait for that bad boy to come out 2021-2022 ish. I hope this has helped you in your buying decision.

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#16 Posted by cejay0813 (1429 posts) -

I may have missed it but where was it confirmed that the new generation of consoles were launching in 2020? Either way, you'd pretty much have to wait until next years E3 for any big announcements and who knows from that date whether there will be any launch with the next year. You willing to wait and miss out on 2+ years of gaming for a console that may not be that much more powerful than this gens, will undoubtedly cost more, and will be the first iteration?

No matter what, I guarantee that anything released on the next gen of consoles will be playable on this gens and will hold you until those consoles have a price drop themselves. If you don't have either current gen system right now, this holiday season will be the perfect time to jump in.

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#17 Edited by TurboGraphix (485 posts) -

Well, my fellow Xbox fellow fans I've done it. I worked some overtime and did the Gamestop trade in. Got $250 for my S, and a got a choice of a $60 game free with a X. So, $250 for all of this! I'm downloading the games ofcourse will wait overnight. Tomorrow, I'm off and I'm playing every X enhanced game I own. I'll give a review tomorrow! Game on.

Question: Downloading the 4k content is automatic when you update the games on the X, correct? Thanks!

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#18 Edited by Ice-Cube (2179 posts) -

I did the same with my PS4, I sold it and bought the God of War PS4 Pro, it was worth it to me. Now i'm debating on selling my S for an X as well but I may hold off a little while longer.

Sold PS4 for $300, bought the GOW PS4 Pro for $500. Hell of a deal.

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#19 Posted by SaltSlasher (946 posts) -

Everyone that has a base Xbox is trading it in. GameStop will give you like $250 for your S to upgrade, and you're getting PUBG and choice of game, you'd be crazy not to do it.

Just realize that in 2020, the One X will still be relevant, and likely get all the same games for first year of Gen 9. Then you can fetch top dollar if you want to upgrade.

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#20 Posted by sakaiXx (5161 posts) -

Wait for 2020. Even if you go for the X, microsoft seemingly have no plans to release exclusive on it anymore.

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#21 Posted by sealionact (3725 posts) -

@TurboGraphix: "Question: Downloading the 4k content is automatic when you update the games on the X, correct? Thanks!"

Yup. You could also have downloaded the 4k content to an external drive using your one s before you exchanged, and have the games ready enhanced when you turned on the one X, but yes...all enhancements are automatically downloaded when you update the game.

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#22 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (18551 posts) -

@TurboGraphix: Awesome! Enjoy it... it's an awesome bit of kit :)

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@TurboGraphix: wow congrats! I love my X it's a beast!

I don't know how many X-enhanced games you have, but I remember you owned Gears 4 so I suggest you check that out first.... I remember the first time I saw it on the X it was so awesome

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#24 Posted by TurboGraphix (485 posts) -

@Alucard_Prime: Oh yeah, I'm only downloading X enhanced games sir! Gears 4, Destiny 2, MvC Infinite, Dragonball FighterZ, The Division, Injustice 2, Overwatch, Titanfall 2 and Killer Instinct! I'll write a quick breakdown. of the differences and what impressed me so far. So far, every game has been impressive!

@hrt_rulz01:Thanks, it's so far its been nothing but amazing. Xbox delivered big time!!

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@sakaixx said:

Wait for 2020. Even if you go for the X, microsoft seemingly have no plans to release exclusive on it anymore.

I don't know how many times I have to say this. Not everyone plays games on PC, so microsoft games are exclusives to those people.

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#26 Posted by I_P_Daily (11033 posts) -

@chriscoolguy said:

Sell the S, buy the X, then in 2020, sell the X.

This guy is correct.

For me I needed a new tv as my old one was 9yrs old, so after getting a new 4k hdr tv and the X, it sure was a step up.

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#27 Posted by HansBak (24 posts) -

2 years are a hell lot of time, go for it, it's worth it for sure. It's proved, that money spent on experiences make people happy. That's my excuse, anyway.

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#28 Posted by Random_Matt (3839 posts) -

Wow, buying three consoles in the space of seven years, genius.

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@Random_Matt: How about you mind your own business? Try that for a change

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#30 Posted by I_P_Daily (11033 posts) -

@Random_Matt said:

Wow, buying three consoles in the space of seven years, genius.

Go to System Wars where your stupid comments fit, as we all know what you are.

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#31 Posted by Redskins4045 (96 posts) -

The X is a incredible piece of technology. It’s definitely worth getting if you have the money. The difference in Enhanced games and non Enhanced is night and day. The OG and S are like driving a Chevy Cavalier while the X is like driving a Ferrari. I’ve played quit of few games that weren’t Enhanced that looked way better than the OG version. Also once the next Xbox comes out in 2020 the OG and S won’t be holding the X back anymore.

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If you have the S console already, and want the X version because it's better, I'd say it's worth it right now. 2 years is a long way away, and who knows what games will be out for the 2020 console. It could be a long time before that 2020 console gets great games, or games you want. In your situation, buying the X right now seems like a good idea.

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#34 Posted by Shantmaster_K (1355 posts) -

I say get it. Still 2 full years away. A lot coming out between now and then.

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#35 Posted by firedrakes (1932 posts) -

if your getting it for 4k gaming. dont bother.

seeing their no 4k gaming atm.

how can i say this.

4k is a format and also separate a display size to.

but game dev are justing the display size terms. and faking the rest. i know i get tons of hate on this. but i already ask more then 1 dev. here was the answer

A game supporting 4k resolution is a game which can be played in a screen resolution close to 4096xHeight. Just because a game is supporting 4k screen resolution, doesnt mean it has to use 4k textures. i e native 4k

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If you have the money now buy the xbox one x waiting till 2020 doesnt seem like the most ideal worth if what they have planned flops

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#37 Posted by SaltSlasher (946 posts) -

If $500 lasts you 2 years, that will be a hell of a lot better than the 1,000+ I put into a PC that was out of date and falling apart less than 3 years later, and thought it needed another $1,000, when I could easily spend that much just on the video card and still not be as big of upgrade as I'd like.

I bought the Xbox One X, and there is many online I've seen get one with the various deals, and seen more people buy it in store than any other machine.

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Its been well worth it for me. All the enhanced games (including select 360 games) look fantastic.

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#39 Posted by rGStarFox (6 posts) -

i have a xbox one and xbox one x the next gen isnt till around 2020 which isnt comfirmed as well but the xbox one x is well worth it if you have a 4k tv

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#40 Posted by JoPython52 (119 posts) -

I’m loving my X. You will get more than two years out of it. Remember the Xbox ecosystem supports all systems going forward. Even when the next Xbox comes out your X won’t be obsolete. Upgrade when you are ready.

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#41 Posted by The-A-Baum (1327 posts) -

Don't leave out that even if the new consoles come out at the end of 2020. The X is a beast and will most likely be able to handle the new games and if you want to upgrade you will probably get at least 250 for the trade in!

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#42 Posted by TurboGraphix (485 posts) -

Honestly, I can't thank everyone enough for the feedback. I bought the X and a new 4k tv, and soon a 4k monitor. It's quite the difference.

The best game so far is Gears 4, it looks immaculate. I play about 20 hours of Gears per week so it's quite a treat to see.

Killer Instinct and Injustice 2 really pop. All the capes and armor in Injustice 2 seem more realistic, Killer Instinct is just beautiful I'll leave it at that. DBFZ somehow looks even better, it's cleaner overall. MvC Infinite is a lot more refined thanks to the enhanced patch, Character models and environments are 10x clearer.

Halo 5 is also another great example. It has even more polish than before, I was shocked lol. Ofcourse, it's smooth as ever at 60fps as well no dips at ALL. The upclose view of the gun is quite a sight, very shiny and slick graphics.

Forza Horizon 4 is a no brainer, we all know the great those graphics are. It runs smooth, I play it on the visual over performance mode, I know I was puzzled at myself at first but it's so pretty though. It's Autumn season right now, and wow.

Destiny 2 is not bad at all, everything is a lot cleaner. I noticed a difference right away.

So, As you can see I'm a new X one X owner, and here to stay. See you online!

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#43 Posted by SecretPolice (34952 posts) -


Congrats, RDR2, on X1X is stunning as well. Happy gaming. :)

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#44 Posted by robert_sparkes (2785 posts) -

Wait till Black Friday shop around.

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#45 Posted by The-A-Baum (1327 posts) -

@TurboGraphix: Look me up on Xbox live my gt is well: The A Baum

I need a new racing buddy, and love Gears as well. Actually invite is good for everyone here as you seem like good peeps.

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#46 Posted by fat_owen (4 posts) -

I'd wait until 2020.

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#48 Posted by TurboGraphix (485 posts) -

UPDATE: The Supersampling is amazing, I also play on a 23" 1080p monitor Acer until I get a 4k monitor. It looks so crisp, though it's a 1080p monitor, it's so hard to find jaggies anywhere.

Also, Final Fantasy XIII just became back compat, and it x enhanced!!!

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#49 Posted by Kadin_Kai (245 posts) -


If you already have or planning to get a nice 4K HDR TV then why not get one now. However, if you do not currently own a PS4 or PS4 Pro, then why not pick one of those up instead, then you also get all those cool PS4 exclusives too!

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#50 Posted by Sam3231 (2548 posts) -

yeh it's a great console...

my favorite looking game is Forza Horizon 4. Friends and family literally thought it was a car commercial.