Xbox One X Controller loses connection when used to power on the console when the console is fully shutdown.

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When I try to boot the system using the controller, the system turns on but then the controller loses its connection to the Xbox and keeps on flashing. It does not sync back up with the sync buttons. It is to be noted that this only happens when the console is fully shutdown before you boot the system using the controller.

It only reconnects upon restarting the controller OR the alternative to avoid this issue is to turn on the console itself using the power button on the console and then turn on the controller afterwards. I have not been able to boot the system with the controller without losing connection and it's really frustrating

I did all the troubleshooting steps and even had the console replaced but the problem still persists.

Please tell me Microsoft is doing something about this. Can someone please confirm that this as a known issue?

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have you tried another controller...

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Mine was doing this for a while as well.

Try a different controller, but also try to see if the battery charge level makes a difference. That seems to be what the problem was for me, as I haven't had it since I started paying more attention to the batteries.

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i forgot. their is a update for the controller to. you got to dl the app from store. to update it.