xbox one x controller help

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Hi Everyone,

I just purchased an Xbox One X and I plugged my Turtle Beach headset into the audio jack for the controller it came with and it isn't being recognized. I connected it to my Xbox One controller and it works on my Xbox One X through that so I know it isn't the headset. Seems like the Xbox One X controller is either broken or isn't compatible with my headset - the latter seems unlikely since it's just an audio jack.

Any suggestions? Anyone experience this before? I tried resetting the controller, taking the batteries out, configuring, etc. as much as I could.


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Did you check the audio settings?

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@phbz: Yeah I checked them several times. I'm pretty sure it's set up right since it works when i connect my xbox one controller.

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@ryangb: I see, my bad I skipped that part. I have the X too and until now all the headsets/headphones I used worked fine. I did have an issue the first time I plugged in a headset because I wasn't pushing the jack enough in. Have you Google it? Might be a wierd incompatibility, although I don't see why or how that would happen with a simple 3.5mm jack.