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I Bought an Xbox One a week ago for the sole reason of playing Titanfall, I had received a beta code and bought the Xbox One on Feb 17. Just a few days later the Titanfall Xbox One bundle was announced, I felt stabbed... Microsoft could had announced the bundle prior to beta testing and I paid the same retail price as the announced bundle $499. I tried returning the console to the retailer but they refused since it was already opened. All I wanted was to get a free copy of Titanfall game if possible (digital code or physical) or some compensation. It's a fair request but so far all I have gotten from Microsoft/Xbox support team is a 'Deal with It' attitude after contacting them various times.

Just wanted to share my experience would guys, I know some of you are in the same boat.

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Yeah it sucks for you man but in all honesty what can you do? Also you can't honestly expect Microsoft to give you a free copy of the game can you? If that's the case they'd have to do that for everyone who's in the same boat as you. Another thing, a Titanfall bundle has always been rumoured not saying you did anything wrong but hey take it on the chin and move on. At least the only thing you're missing is a free game and 1 month free Xbox Live. I'd be more pissed if the actual console had a special Titanfall theme to it or even included the Titanfall controller for the base price.

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@Air_Cater: When it comes down to it, everything has a marketing strategy to attract more customers into buying Xbox products. Why do you think they only come in such limited quantities at the beginning of launch? With more demand over supply, you have more control over pricing. For your particular issue however, I don't have much feedback. Titanfall is a game that Xbox is using to promote more sales, and it obviously worked for you. The beta though was free so you didn't really get slammed so hard. You buy Titanfall, you'll pretty much be in the same boat as the majority of gamers so I wouldn't get to hell-bent on it. You're in the right place so you should feel good.

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return it and then order the bundle

You are still in the return period

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Yeah what kind of crappy store doesn't have at least a 30 day return policy?

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@DaBrainz said:

Yeah what kind of crappy store doesn't have at least a 30 day return policy?

gamestop . i only buy my systems from walmart. i had my system for 2 months and returned it when i found out a price drop was coming

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I bought a 2012 MacBook Pro 2 years ago and it's cheaper now. I want my money back.

Not how it works....Sorry dude.