Xbox One: Time to Upgrade from 360?

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Hiya, thanks for clicking!

I've had my 360 for about 5 glorious years now, and it's still running smoothly and I play it regularly. Never bored with this machine, even if I don't even have Xbox Live or online anything.

But I think it's finally time to upgrade to the Xbox One, wouldn't you say? First, however, I have a few questions to make sure I'm getting the most bang for my buck. I want to make sure I'm spending $250-$300 in the most wise and efficient way possible. If you could help with any of these, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

Oh yeah, and some things to note: A) I do NOT have Xbox Live Gold so I don't play online, although a lot of games are pushing it so I might consider it, and B) I don't care much about 4K, as long as it's decent graphics I'm cool with it, I just want to play the darn game.

1. Which XBone should I get? I'm scratching the One X since it's too expensive and I don't care too much about all that extra stuff, so that leaves the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S. I believe the S is 40% smaller (although I'm not worried about size... at all), supports 4K gaming and media, and 4K HD BluRay as well. Like I said, I'm not concerned about 4K too much. The cheapest price on Amazon for the S is $249, but there's a pawn shop down the road that always has Xbox One's for a bit cheaper. So which one should I get? All I'm concerned about is price and quality. Is the S worth the extra money?

2. How much storage is recommended? There's 500GB and 1TB, and while the 500GB is cheaper, I heard it fills up reallyyyy quickly compared to the 360. I won't be downloading many games; I mainly buy discs, but even still, is 500GB enough?

3. What games do you guys recommend? :) Starting off I just want 2 games, and I was looking at Fallout 4 and Black Ops 3. Like I said, I don't have online (although I might consider it), so which games that don't require it are good?

Alright, thank you so much guys! Have an awesome day.

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You're a bit late to the game.

1. xbox 1 x if you want the best graphics as it does 1080p @ 60fps you'll need internet though to download the game patches, there's no real difference between the s and original except it plays 4k movies. if you have 4k then maybe consider the S

2.1tb is better, AAA titles are upwards of 50gb so 500gb does fill up pretty fast. I've only got 500gb and I'm deleting stuff to make room for other stuff all the time.

3. I find recommending games is hard as its unique to everyone, But from the titles you've suggested it seems like you play similar to what I do. So I would recommend Wolfenstein on that list. Also note that single player only games become extremely cheap fast. Fallout 4 is only $20 aud here.

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If you have the money the X is the way to go. Shop around and you can get some unbelievable value bundles. Halo 5 and Gears 4 are well worth the upgrade if you play online. Forza horizon 3 is excellent and ryse some of Rome and sunset Overdrive are well worth picking up. Most games are dirt cheap now anyway.

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@unitedhairlines: Also get xbox pass its free for your first month, but its got a lot of great games on it too.

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As the others haven't mentioned this, all Xbox One games need to installed to the hard drive completely before you can play them.

A 500GB console only has about 300GB free, I recommend a 1TB console. You can of course add an external drive.

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I recommend an X1X with a 5TB external HDD and a GamePass subscription and never look back :D

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If X is out go S. Smaller and a lot less heat. Plus you get 4K playback on other types of media.

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@unitedhairline: Call of duty and Fall out are pretty or you can check these other cool games

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Get the S, newer hardware and materials. Also it sounds like you want a system that will last so you're better off that way getting a new one.

As for storage you are better off with the 1 tb, you could buy an external for around 60 dollars too.

Fallout 4 is decent, I would also consider Gears of War 4, The Witcher 3 is Game of the year level fun so that's a must. Assassin's Creed Syndicate is an awesome offline game as well with plenty to keep you busy and at a decent price.