XBOX ONE Stereo Headset First Impressions Review

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The XBOX ONE Stereo Headset is a great sounding headset, others may look the other way when they find out its not a Virtual 7.1 like the new Sony PULSE Gold Headset for the PS4 and is just Stereo sound, well I own both headsets and I have concluded the XBOX ONE Stereo Headset Audio Quality is superior to the PS4 PULSE Gold Headset and it works great with my PS4 and any device that uses a 3.5mm audio jack.

How about the microphone you ask? The XBOX ONE Stereo headset uses a boom style microphone unlike the hidden microphone used on the PS4 PULSE Gold Headset, this results in far superior microphone sound quality for the XBOX ONE Stereo headset, and I dare say its possibly one of the best gaming microphones I have ever used.

The Stereo Headset Adapter will also be sold separately for $24.99USD but is included in this XBOX ONE Stereo headset. The Stereo Headset Adapter lets you adjust the game volume and chat volume separately letting the user set their ideal setting.

!!Warning!! Until March 4, 2014 the XBOX ONE Stereo Headset will be useless until the March Update for the XBOX ONE is released, if you plug it in now you will hear audio but after a few minutes the audio will become static. If you are one of the lucky ones in the March Update Beta and you purchased this headset, then you are good to go but you may need to update you controller firmware.When you purchase this headset the first will be to update the firmware of all your XBOX ONE Controllers with the provided Micro USB Cable. To read up on the full process on how to update the firmware of all your XBOX ONE Controllers, head to this link. -

Should you buy as a XBOX ONE Owner? In my opinion this was a great buy for me and it will be a great buy for you. :)

If you want to see my unboxing & microphone quality test follow this link -

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I appreciate this review. I'm definitely looking at buying this headset so I can game at night when everyone is asleep.