Xbox one, sooner or later?

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I've had an xbox 360 since it launched back in the day, and I still enjoy it a lot. I top of that, I have a ps4, wii u, and 3DS. Needless to say, I have my gaming cut out for me. Xbox 360 was my bread and butter as a gamer, its all i really played last gen other than some wii here and there. I think i want to wait for at least a year or so to get my xbox one, that will give me some time to enjoy my current consoles, and let xbox create a new and improved batch of one's. Like I said, my hands are tied as it is, and although i'm a die hard xbox fan, i think im better off waiting for a more stable machine, as opposed to paying full price right now for the first ones. Any thoughts?

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I'm sure it'll still be here when you're ready to buy one?

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Yes it seems a better option to wait before one gets xbox one as even today the major game titles are available on it and I do not see the end of xbox 360 anywhere near future.

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@gamerguy1415: I think you should wait until next year before investing in the Xbone. If you have the PS4, and have the wii u the big exclusive you are missing out on is Forza, which may or may not be reason enough for you to invest. Aside from that developers seems to be getting more out of the PS4 with the multi platforms like Black Flag, Fifa, Battlefield and COD. Since you have the PS4 letting MS iron out the kinks before joining won't disadvantage you.

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You do have your hands tied down but that shouldn't stop you from buying an XB1 unless it's an impulse buy. Ask yourself do any of the launch titles interest you enough to go out and fork out the money? Perhaps some of the apps and features interest you enough. To me it sounds like you want one, but to answer your question waiting won't hurt you (I mean you have a PS4 and a WII U for crying out loud). As an Xbox One owner right now I can tell you, you're not missing out on much.

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If I was you I would wait until after the holidays. The price won't change and it will be plenty in stock

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Ill probably get mine after the holidays or when more games come out.

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i'm getting mine next year around the summer , i don't see a reason to buy it now . none of my friends have it yet and there are still many cool titles to play on xbox 360

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Makes sense.

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I got it at launch because I want to experience all the exclusives.