Xbox One Slow Download Speed Fix!

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Over the passed serval years Microsoft has yet to address the issue of low download speed when downloading digital titles. I just found away to increase the download bandwidth. I have a 300Mbit/s package and was only getting 50-100Mbit/a on downloads. Just start downloading the game or DLC you want to download then while its downloading just open your settings and click on you network settings and all you have to do is sit on this screen while it’s downloading. My speeds stayed at a constant 225-300 Mbit/s and to view how fast your game is downloading just click on bandwidth usage. I’m guessing the network part of the settings prioritize all you network bandwidth into whatever your Xbox is asking for since Xbox runs off a dumbed down version of Windows it has a network bandwidth reserve setting inside the Group policy settings that we can’t access sadly hopefully this works for you.