XBOX one S video problems

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Hello all

I just got a xbox one S ( I know its not as powerful as the X)

I have a 65 inch 4k Samsung tv.

The graphics look grainy and blurry and low res. I don't know what the problem is.

I have 4k and HDR checked off on my xbox and my tv is in game mode and UHD mode.

Is the problem that the games im playing : Prey, PES 2019, Metro Redux, etc does not support HDR?

When I play gears of war 4 (which supports HDR) everything seems to look fine.

I was almost thinking it was a hard drive malfunction how bad it looks.

Am I better off playing on a non 4k tv?. I understand xbox s upscales so the content should look decent.

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The upscaling can only do as much, better get a X.

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It's upscaling what is probably 900p and displaying it on a large screen. It won't look grainy, but neither will it look as crisp as true 4k Output. Either way HDR doesn't affect resolution.