Xbox one S or X?

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Hi I was hoping someone could give me some advice at the moment I own the Xbox one orginal and been thinking of upgrading to the S or the X but I can't decide between them is there any difference between the old Xbox one and the S in the way games run and is it worth it Is the Xbox X worth the money can you see the difference or is it just clever marketing any help of people who have upgraded or own the S or X would be very helpful

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@dave462a: It really comes down to if you have a 4k TV or one that supports HDR. If not the S and Original One run games the same. The S supports HDR but not 4k.

The X supports 4k native and does HDR if you have it.

I have a 4k tv and traded up to the X early November and absolutely love it! It is such a great piece of Tech.

The way I look at it is even if the new consoles come out in 2020 I will still probably get around $250 for the X at trade in, maybe $100 if your lucky with the S.

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If you have a 1080p tv then no need to buy xbox one s or x.

Just keep the original xbox one for 2 more years (they might release a next gen console in 2 years).

If you have a 4k hdr tv and find one s at 200$ or less then its a nice upgrade hdr looks nice but my honest opinion is better wait few years and then upgrade next gen.

If you can find xbox one x at 350 price (like I found last month and bought it) then Id say go for it. My reason to upgrade was gears of war 5 at 60fps hordes but still the wiser decision of them all is to keep your vanilla xbox one and only upgrade when they release next gen (in 2 years from now).

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Yeah it all comes down to what tv you own, if you own a 4k telly then you can't go pass the X.

The X cleans up games over the XB1 & S, for instance Just Cause 3 has lots of frame drops on the XB1 & S but on the X it runs at a constant 30fps with no slow down.

Secondly I played F1 2018 on the XB1 and the game had lots of screen tearing, but after playing it on the X I only found 1 corner on one track where there was a little tearing.

Thirdly MS upgrades its first party games to take advantage of the X, Forza Horizon 3 is a good example where a 4k update was released and the game looks that much cleaner.

so yes the X is worth the money but only IF you own a 4K with HDR.

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X version have better performance

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I don't think you need HDR on your TV if it is 4k. It is still a huge upgrade, and will blow your mind. HDR is just icing on the cake. The only thing the S adds is HDR and a 4k Blue Ray player. X has that plus native 4k output.

Let us know OP what you ended up with.

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I wouldn't buy any upgrades for any system right now. 2019 may be the last year of this generation for both Sony and MS. I'd wait til next year and see what the new consoles are going to be before spending money that could have been used for a much better system.

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X makes a noticeable difference even if you don't have a 4K TV, so that's my recommendation.

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I got my first xbox a month ago just for the Halo series. It's the S 1TB. I got it for £220 with Forza Horizon included

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X has better performance I would upgrade but only if you can afford to at this point in the generation. The upgrades really make a difference a 4K tv really is needed though.

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X is the best console on the market while the base model is arguably the worst. But as you own the original console and this gen is almost gone... it depends how long are you planning to stay on this gen and how much money you have.

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@dave462a: I just went with the S, I think its a definite upgrade from the base model which I sold. I didnt have the extra money for the X and since I already had a pro and switch and was just looking for that 1tb hard drive upgrade it was worth it to me. forza horizon looks way better on my 4k than my old one did...but if you dont have the 4k option the S still runs smoohter, is faster, and has more storage. if you are feeling the itch to upgrade and are looking forward to a few of the games coming out then yes get one. if your not really interested in whats coming in this next year then I say just wait

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To beat a dead horse...

If you have a 1080p TV get a Regular console,

If you have a 4k TV get an X

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I want to know that Xbox One S can play games in HDR quality but not 4k quality? But Xbox One X can play 4K games on a 4k TV?

I have a 4k TV purchased few months back and looking for a gaming console to purchase in addition to PC gaming I do.

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@dave462a: The S is just a die shrunk version of the original. It does actually ad hdr support and the GPU is clocked like 10% faster, but it’s basically identical.

The X is more than like 6x more powerful. It’s a bigger jump than we’ve seen between some console generations.

If you’re explicitly trying to upgrade, X is what you want.

Even has some Xbox 1 and 360 games that get enhanced on it, to say nothing of One games.

Also, the X DOES enhance stuff on a 1080p tv, even 720p, just not as huge of a benefit.

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Thank you for everyone help I managed to find the X on sale at a good price and did get it it is a very good console I love how the 360 games look on it as well as the Xbox one games

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@dave462a said:

Thank you for everyone help I managed to find the X on sale at a good price and did get it it is a very good console I love how the 360 games look on it as well as the Xbox one games

No probs and welcome to the X family lol

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@dave462a: Definitely X as it can able to play most third party and exclusives games in true 4k (only if you are into 4k) and has faster processing unit and better GPU. Just my personal opinion. Though it is expensive but worth going for one time.

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Good choice. OG to S would have been a minimal upgrade, especially if you don't have a newer TV, I'd expect some hefty performance upgrades even for people with HDTVs (cleaner image, smoother framerates, better texture filtering etc.)

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i purhase xbox one x used yesterday with 300 euro i am happy now fantastic console

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The X, better FPS @ 1080p and better graphics. Best points I guess