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Hi, my name is Preston or Officer Fuzzzy as some people call me, I am a recruiter for SARP the best role-playing community on Xbox! We currently have a little over 390 members in our community from all parts of the world such as Europe, United States, and many other country's and are still looking for more! We have a wide range of opportunity's to spike anyone's interests! We Offer

SARP Departments:

Los Santos Police Department

San Andreas Highway Patrol

Sandy Shores Police Department

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office




SARP Subdivisions:


Gang Task Force

BCSO Noose


Brush Truck Unit

Air One

Our Social Media:




If you are interested in joining you can message me on discord @ Officer Fuzzzy#7170 or on Xbox @ Officer Fuzzzy

*Must be 14 years of age or older to join*


Some Statements From Our Members!

"I love it here mostly cause they have rules when groups have rules and good staff make this group work when ppl see others listening they become better at what they do Ive been here 7 months and this is the best ive been in since and enjoyed one thing I can say you can enjoy and laugh and just be yourself hope you have fun" -Tech (Civillian)

"It's an enjoyable experience working from the bottom now to be head of civs and it's amazing to meet new people!" -Rhys (Head Of Civs)