XBOX ONE Power-Mode and Power Outage Scenarios

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I know for the PS4 - the system "explicitly" tells you to properly shut-down the console by choosing the "Turn Off PS4" option if you plan to disconnect the power supply of the console - instead of the "Standby". I figure if you get a power-outage while the system was busy background downloading something in "Standby Mode" - it could potentially corrupt the HDD in the console. In fact - I believe the PS4 will actually warn you if you accidentally unplugged the system during it's "Standby Mode" - and will automatically check the HDD/filesystem for corruption after it starts up again.

However, Microsoft doesn't seem to give any of these explicit warning on the XBOX ONE for it's Instant-On vs Energy Saver power modes. There is only one way to "Turn Off" the XBOX one - and that by going to menu and asking XBOX to "turn-off". But what about things like power-outages? What if during Instant-On - you had a power-outage - could that be worse than say for it to be on Energy Saver?

Or has Microsoft designed it to that as long as you "Turn Off" the XBOX (with whatever Power Mode its in) - you can safely disconnect the power-supply anytime you want?

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I just unplugged mine while in standby mode about an hour ago with no ill effect.

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or... just click the bloody button on the xbox and its off. logic?!

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@bumsonfire said:

or... just click the bloody button on the xbox and its off. logic?!

Actually that's the thing - the XBOX ONE "logo" power-button doesn't really "power it off" - it's based upon what Power-Mode you have set it in. By default (without configuration) - simply touching the logo button would put it on "Instant-On" standby...

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Good question. Just to be safe I think I'll leave it on energy-saver mode. (that's what it's called right?)

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I think you just have to accept it could possibly happen. Honestly, the odds of an update exactly as a power outage hits are very much in your favor, but they do exist. I know--I had a save on Disgaea botched when a car hit a power pole half a mile away and power cut out as I saved. Honestly, the convenience of having a console that's up and running in five seconds and doesn't waste your time updating outweighs the very unlikely scenario you (we) are fearful of.

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@CookieMap_basic: my power went out this morning due to winter storms, no ill effects to my xbox after power came back on.

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@drewschebag said:

@CookieMap_basic: my power went out this morning due to winter storms, no ill effects to my xbox after power came back on.

But his specific concern is "what happens if there's a power outage while it's doing a background software upgrade while in stand-by mode". Most of the time those two events would not coincide.

That said, I've been thinking, and the odds really aren't any worse than having a power outage during a user-confirmed update on the 360.

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This was also a concern of mine owning both a PS4 and Xbox One. I ended up investing in a UPS Battery Back Up to give me some time to properly shut down both systems in case of a random power outage. To answer your question and completely shut down the Xbox One you just hold your finger on the power button on the console itself for 8-10 seconds until the light goes out. Microosft claimed it can be done even if the console is already "off" in instant on mode. Microsoft also told me no harm should be done if it loses power in instant on mode but did recommend a full shut down before disconnecting power.

So I bought a 900w UPS and only the consoles are hooked to it. I know the PS4 is not as simple to shutdown but is easy enough to do blindly, all I gotta do is wait for it to turn on completely hold the ps button for 2 seconds hit down 3 times then x. I wish I could just hold down the PS4's power button to make it as easy as the One. With 900w I should get a couple hours on standby if I happen not to be home during an outtage and its resolved quickly. if the power is out longer than the backup can last and I am not home then I'll have to take my chances. The UPS was $100 on sale and eases my mind about the whole issue so was worth it for me.

On a side note I think if this standby or always connected thing is the future of these consoles then something should have been built in for this. Example like the One has an external brick so they could have had the brick able to detect when power has been, tell the console to do a quick shutdown and hold a slight enough charge to do so. Not sure if that is possible or would drastically increase the size of the brick but if it were possible I wouldn't mind the PS4 having an external brick also. Just a thought.

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Actually, I accidentally knocked my power strip out of the jack DURING the download of the initial update while messing around withe all the stupid A/v cables and whatnot. When I fired up One after plugging my power strip back in, it got kind of wonky. I rebooted as soon as I got the chance, and it was fine, downloaded the update, and installed no problem.