XBOX One, New Zealand, and Australia

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How many homies from Oceania are in line for an XB1? I changed my pre-order the other day from a PS4 thanks to a persuasive friend, and was wanting a gauge of community size in my corner of the world. I'm just hoping for plenty of Oceania BF4 servers, high ping is the worst @_@

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I will be getting mine day one! (Aus)

And I am pretty sure microsoft are adding many many more servers than on 360... how that actually relates to bf4 im not too sure

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Probably not day too many Xbox360 games to get through in my collection....!

But maybe within 6 months....

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Well my friend you have a month to chow down those 360 games before release! If you go hard you could make it happen ;)

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day 1 for xbox, i work at JB Hifi so i will have to wait till the end of the day to pick mine up. PS4 is not on my radar. Amongst other staff in the store it seems to be split in favour of PS4. I feel like i want a new way to play my games (mandatory kinect inclusion will bring some unique things to the table), so for me the PS4 feels pointless, just higher res versions of current games.