XBox One Headsets

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Does anyone have a particular wireless headset they favor that will work with an HDMI setup for XBox One??

Im thinking maybe Turtle Beach may have an ideal offering but you guys may know of better ones...

My last headset I had to use composite cables instead of HDMI to use the headset which was annoying... And I know there was an adapter for HDMI cords but I didn't have time to even PLAY back in the day so naturally I couldn't justify the purchase. (yes... I was married. Lol)

This may be a dumb question to some but I'm a single dad finally getting back into the action and could use the help. Thanks ahead of time.

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ouch, I had bad times with turtle beach, Always got broken the second I opened it. :/

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@Kelreynn: I'd wait as Xbox one specific headsets are coming early next year. I've heard a50s from astro are nice if you got a few franklins in your wallet.