Xbox One games constantly crashing.

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I have had my xbox one s for only a few months. But most of my games are constantly crashing. GTA V and Ryse make it to the company logos and just got to the dashboard automatically. Forza Horizon 3 freezes on the loading screen or glitches out just after leaving the festival, which is pretty much the same with Fallout 4. Now, Rayman Legends and Project Cars work 100% fine and I've never had issues with either and with the Master Chief Collection, Halo 1, 3, and 4 all work flawlessy (Halo 2 had crashing problems)

I tested a blu ray movie on it and that worked fine for the entire run time. I can also watch TV shows that I have purchased, go into the store no problem, and all the apps work perfect. No issues with the UI at all.

I've done reboots and resets and these don't help. The console is level in a ventilated area. I'm stumped at this point. Don't know what to do now.

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Nope, rarely crashes with me, maybe something is wrong with your hardware. Certain games themselves can just be crash prone, I've probably had some in the past but can't remember exactly. Sometimes it's not that they're crash prone entirely, but some really don't like it when you suspend them and go to another app (like Netflix, Hulu, Movies & TV, YouTube, etc), then when I come back to the game there tends to be some issues.

How's the hard-drive doing? Is it entirely loaded? Are you running off an internal or external? If external, what kind? And are you running games off a disc or all digital?

I switched to all digital myself, keep them all on a 2TB external, and I really don't let that get past half-full, but going external made my system extremely responsive not having the internal HDD bogged down. Going all digital also made game installation hassle free, and likely itself keeps the system cool by not having to run the optical disc drive.

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Internal Hard drive with a mixture of digital and physical games.

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My Xbox one S is crashing too. Especially with GTA V. It gets to the loading screen and stays on the same picture, the 'Help' inset on the left still changes and the loading icon is still spinning but nothing happens! Also with FIFA 17 after a game it will stay on the loading screen showing other game results for example and will basically just remain on this forever until I turn my XBOX off!

I recently did the system update so that must be the problem, only 6 month old console and these sorts of problems shouldn't be happening!

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I've recently purchased my first new Xbox one S. I've been playing games regularly on the PlayStation platform since 2002. I own a PS3 slim, PS4 and PS4 pro. Never I've had a game crash on that PS platform. In the two days I've been playing forza horizon 3 I've had 5 crashes of the game and two complete system freeze ups. This ShitBox One S(hit) is going in the dumpster, just to make a statement. Worst gaming experience I've had so far.

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No issues with me but a few months ago my external HDD died and before crapping out, this manifested itself with regular game crashes. I soon as I switched to a new HDD, problem went away. But since you use the internal, dont think that is your problem unless hardware issue. Definitely do the full power shut down, unplug for a few min, and plug back in....that solves most problems, a hard reboot(which is not the same as shutting down using instant-on)

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@Alucard_Prime: thanks for the support! (Preferable over Microsoft support waiting lists)

I'll fish the box from the trash and will give it a try ;)

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Nope, stil crashing and freezing.

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Trolls Alert! I have an Xbox One from 2014 and not one problem.

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Ostrich alert! Can't be denied that new out of the box gaming consoles have issues.

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@oryxs said:

Ostrich alert! Can't be denied that new out of the box gaming consoles have issues.

Does this look like Microsoft support to you?

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@speedfreak48t5p: Have you tried the hold-down-the-power-button-for-a-full-shut-down maneuver? You may want to take a look at this older thread:

Generally treat XBox like a PC. Sometimes the RAM gets bogged down by stuff that hasn't been removed from it properly, or a game will step on its own or another app's toes, and this will bring the house down. I would suggest you leave the XBox unplugged from power unless you're using it to give the hardware a break.

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I had to send the system back to Microsoft.......................back in May. Problem solved.

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I cant say constantly, but once in a while? Sure. Especially if the game is on my 4TB external. If its real bad uninstall and reinstall.

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once in a while I get kicked to dashboard during initial loading, but never a consistent thing with me

anyhow, how's your HDD capacity?

I have a 2TB external and that keeps things running smoother, though I try not to even have that close to capacity as I think games run smoother then, I also run games digitally because it makes installation easier and I can play games while others download, plus I don't have to worry about killing my disc driver with the disc constantly spinning

EDIT: oh, see it was addressed already, good to see it was resolved

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Certain games of mine crash as well. Plenty of my games do. I would give an example of what's happening but an ad might ruin my post again. It crashes when playing and my 360 games crash when they start up as well. I've done all the things to do when fixing it but it doesn't work.

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I never had crashes in game I had a disc read error constantly until I had the reset the console.

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I've heard of this for Forza Motorsport 7, I didn't realize it was for other games as well.