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So there is only 14 more days untill the midnight release of the xbox one in australia. Getting very exited for this with the console paid of and 4 games pre-ordered and paid. Getting Black Flag, Ryse; Son Of Rome, Ghosts, and FIFA 14.

Cant wait!

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yes doesn't time fly i remember when it was first announced ar E3 i'm very excited too lol.

I'll be getting FIFA 14, Ryse and Dead Rising 3.

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OMG! I cant wait for the Xbox One! Im so pumped, Im getting Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising and Titanfall on it! :D

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WOW!!! I just got a free Xbox live codes at

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11 days left

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Yepp can't wait. I'll be picking up ryse, dead rising 3 and forza 5 limited day one edition with my day one edition Xbox one. Will also be picking up that titan fall collectors edition.