Xbox One Can't Find Wireless Network

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Hi all,

I'm trying to connect my Xbox One to my wireless router but it is unable to find my wireless network. Not only is it not finding mine, but it won't find any in my surrounding area.

Additional info: I have been using the X1 for about 2 months now and have never had any problems finding wireless networks. I am a college student and am back home for a couple weeks until I can move into my new place. When I got here, I had no problems connecting to our router. However, I left for a couple days and now I'm back home and can't seem to connect anymore. I am able to connect with every other device, such as, laptops, cell phones, etc. We also have Comcast as our internet provider.

Has anyone experienced this problem? And if so, are there any potential fixes?

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@fudgiebrown1: Have you tried resetting the xbox and the router?

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what brand is your router and are you running a encrypted signal

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The only problem I have concerning the X1 and my network is how everyday (when I turn the console on the first time) it recognizes my modem but always asks for a WEP key. Once you do that you are GTG for the day but come tomorrow? It's like Groundhog Day.

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Did you have it hooked up wired before? becasue if you did you have to change it from wired to wireless in the network settings

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try and change the settings

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look the settings

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I had the same problem. For all the people that suggested unplugging the router: shame on you for not reading.

In order to get the available wireless networks to show up, you need to hard-reset your Xbox One. This is usually because people will unplug their wired cable and then try and configure the Xbox One to go wireless. For whatever reason, this does not work well with the network card in the XB1 and the Xbox OS. You can either unplug your Xbox power supply from the back of the console OR you can press and hold the glowing Xbox power button on the front for 5 seconds or so until you see it shut off (if your TV is on, you'll see a quick transition from your Xbox OS/Game screen to a black screen). Wait 10 seconds then power it back up. The hard reset clears a lot of data from the cache and helps reset the network card and, when you power it back on, you'll probably see a tile on the home screen that says "connect to Xbox Live". Click that. If you don't see it, just go thru your Settings and get into your Network setting and choose the wireless option.

Choose your wireless network, enter password (if required) and you're good to go!

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@thisistheslam: I made an account just to come thank you for this.

My console did the exact same thing about two weeks ago when I came home from work. And because I was so out of sorts from work, after otherwise unplugging and resetting everything about 10 times and getting absurdly frustrated with the OS basically smiling and shrugging at me, I made the glorious mistake of trying to speak with Microsoft's live tech support chat.

Don't do that. It's a bad idea.

Once we got through the fun of me explaining the problem as specifically as possible and then being asked "Okay so if I understand correctly, you're having a problem with your controller connecting?" I was told (probably just pulled arbitrarily out of a list of help topics) that clearly the only solution was to do a factory reset, with the same incredibly competent expert assuring me that, no, my data would be fine. Fortunately I decided to not trust that (and also not wait for 475gb of games to reinstall) and opted to buy an ethernet cable instead. And then I didn't do that either, because while they're $12 on Amazon for the 50ft cord I would have needed to run the damn thing downstairs and across my entire house, they're $30 in retail for some reason? So then I got too mad and lazy to order one lol

And then on a whim I went digging through forums again and finally found your reply here and I can't thank you enough. Never even occurred to me that I should just treat it like a frozen computer and that it would treat a kill/boot from the console differently than the controller.

And for anybody less technical who's up there suggesting "did u restart ur router," what's essentially happening is that the hard reboot forces the machine to realize "oh no, I turned off because something went wrong, better make sure everything's okay!" as opposed to "oh lol I've been turned off and back on again, let's make sure all the settings stay the for next time."

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I created this account just for aswering to this, i had the same issue and i was forced by my brain too, to speak with the live chat of Xbox.

BAD idea, some Alina told me that all the DNS servers of my telephonic operator were down.

... I just read this and hard resetted my console. All the wireless networks appeared again and now i can play. Thanks to you all for spreading good information thru the web.

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@thisistheslam: thank you so much for the post!! It just helped me out also!!!

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Man am I glad I came here. A Microsoft questionnaire determined my Xbox needed to be repaired! I saw @thisistheslam's response, held the button down for 5 seconds and BAM! I'm automatically back online without having to set up again.

I too created an account just to thank that mysterious super hero of the gaming forums.

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@thisistheslam: I too just made an account just to thank you for this comment. You just made me the happiest girl ever lmao i’ve been struggling with my xbox connecting to my wifi for the past 3 weeks and I was on the verge of selling it for a playstation because i was so mad how it supposably “had to be repaired” as the questionary on microsoft suggested when i had just got this new xbox a couple months ago. ur great! thanks again

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lol I didn't expect people to be so thankful. It's no problem really. Game consoles these days are much more advanced and complex than the OG consoles I grew up with and it can be frustrating to have a game console jerk you around when all you wanna do is hop online and have your fun.

For future reference, most devices have what's called a hard shut down process. iPhones have it, Xbox consoles have it, PCs have it. It's typically a long press of a power button or the power button being pressed and something like volume down or up buttons for 5-10 seconds (to make sure you don't accidentally hard reset a device). If you just tap it, like in the Xbox One's case, you get a soft shut down or sleep function which means the device is technically still on. Since the Xbox One is designed to still be partially on when you quick press the Xbox button or use your controller for shutdown, you aren't clearing any settings or truly power cycling the device and as a result whatever you were doing is still active in the memory of the console and allows for a fast boot next time. Anytime you have a headset that won't pair, a controller that won't pair, or anything quirky happens, just do a hard reset if you can and you'll probably find that it's the thing that fixes everything and it only takes a minute to boot back up and get back to gaming.

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@thisistheslam: I've found this thread after experiencing the same issue just now. It's a little late to be commenting on your solution from so long ago, however, I would like to point out an alternative that's basically the same thing. You can reset or shut down your console from the "power & startup" tab in settings as well, for those who don't want to do the button press, and this worked for me.

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@thisistheslam: Thank you so much! I too created this account just to thank you. So glad I came across this post before I contacted xbox support.

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@thatguynoneknow said:

@thisistheslam: I've found this thread after experiencing the same issue just now. It's a little late to be commenting on your solution from so long ago, however, I would like to point out an alternative that's basically the same thing. You can reset or shut down your console from the "power & startup" tab in settings as well, for those who don't want to do the button press, and this worked for me.

Yes, that should work too because you're telling the Xbox to do the full power cycle/full shut down procedure. However, it is in the settings menus and takes longer so unless your XB1 is in some media center shelving you will probably find it faster to just do the long power button press. To each their own though!

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@thisistheslam: yeah, my version is more for those too lazy (in my case lazy and tired from work) to get up from their seat and press the button on their console, or for those with shelving as you have stated

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huzzah! roflmao at all the people who opened an account to comment thank you ?✌ i was seriously frustrated to high hell and know better than to ask Microsoft support for help...restarting did nothing but pulling the chords did it...plugged back in and good to go! ?? cheers! game on gamer !

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Yeah happens to me all the time normally on a boot up from not playing in awhile. I won't be connected to Xbox Live and when I go check the network the Xbox doesn't seem to recognize any at all. Do a hard reset and works fine. Not sure if this is something they can patch or if it's just a shitty network card in the console

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I had the same issue and for me my console was not able to detect ONLY MY wireless network even though other devices in my house were able to see it. It ran fine for a couple of days and then suddenly it could not detect my wifi, so everytime I was forced to hold down the power button on the console for 5-8 seconds, restart the router, wait for it to turn back on and then turn on the console. This fixed it.

But Recently I upgraded my router and now my router produces two frequencies 2.5 ghz and 5 ghz. So the problem always occurs every now and then when the console is connected on the 2.5ghz frequency but I have yet to have encounter this problem on 5ghz.

I hope this helps!

Note: Some routers do not produce a 5ghz frequency in which case you are stuck with the 2.5ghz and the problem will keep on occuring as there is some issue with 2.5ghz connectivity and the xbox one firmware. Hope they patch it up soon. It's just better to keep it on 5ghz so that everything runs smoothly.

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I had to make an account just to thank y'all! My Xbox got disconnected and wouldn't find my WiFi no matter how hard I tried to get it. So I did the hard reset, which took about 15 seconds in total (Five for the button and I let it set ten seconds), and it's up and running without a problem.

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@thisistheslam: Thank you solved!!

Why is this the only place I can find the correct answer?

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@thisistheslam: Oh wow thanks so much for this post! I spent about three weeks wondering why my xbox wasn't connecting to the internet. I couldn't figure it out until finally having some time on a Saturday to check into it and found your post. Glad I saw it first before calling Microsoft!

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Hard reset the console by holding down the power button or turn it off then unplug the power cord. If that doesn’t work there’s the option of pressing and holding the sync and eject buttons then pressing power on and letting go of the sync and eject AFTER a second power on sound from the Xbox.

This puts the Xbox into a safe boot mode,

From there you can:

1: Restart the console.

2: Remove accounts and saved games from the internal memory (cloud saves will remain)

3: Factory reset the console, wiping all data on the hard drive.

However a hard reset should fix not finding wireless access ports.

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@thisistheslam I also created an account to say thanks - hadn't turned on my xbox for months, and this happened to me. Worked perfectly. @thisistheslam is the mvp of this world.