Xbox One Cache proper fix?.

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Hi. I have had a problem with my Xbox One for about 2 weeks where bluray movies and games are not recognized. Last night I found something and it said clear the cache by taking the BluRay disc out and turn the Xbox off and turn it back on again and this should clear the cache. This works every time and can play games etc. Just wondering if there is going to be a fix on a update for this as I shouldn't have to do this every time as I bought a console just to plug and play and not to mess about doing this and that. So if no proper fix it still going back.

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Blu-Ray content does store data on the console, so maybe it's full and needs to be cleared? You can clear Blu-ray data that has been cached to the console.

Go to disc and Blu-Ray settings on the console, then under the Blu-Ray advanced settings you can clear the Persistent Storage.

Use this guide if you need some assistance:

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I have tried that with out shutting down the console but the only way it seems to work is if I do shut it down. :(