xbox one advice on cable set up

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I purchased a PS4 from cow for $200, and I am about to trade it for an x1 on craigslist. I have my ps4 and wii u connected to a 60in plasma 1080p. It's only used for games/netflix. I have a 47in led 1080p that I plan to connect the xbox 1 to. What does it do when I connect my cable box to it? Any other things anyone can tell em about the X1. Should it be connected to the 60in plasma or should I use it on the cable? Thanks!

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Hi - I am in New Zealand so not sure if your cable set up is the same.........but I run what is our cable box in-between my TV and the HDMI cable goes out of the Xbox to the cable box and then a HDMI cable goes from that to the TV.......which means basically the Xbox has to be on whenever u watch TV........but the Xbox can determine the type of TV u have and act as a remote for it - for example - u can set it up so that the TV is turned on when the Xbox is turned on - u can use your voice to make the sound louder or quieter on the TV.....pause Live TV......stuff like that - i find it quite cool........basically the TV picture becomes like a part of the dashboard that can be navigated to.....

I also have a 360 plugged into another HDMI port on my TV so it is possible to have just the Xbox One plugged in and just act like a stand alone games console.....

So basically - it depends what u want to use it for - just a games console (ie: just plug it str8 into the TV) - or to use it's other features (watching TV whilst playing games - Snap feature, voice control of volume, channel etc......)

hope that helps :)

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Well I would hook it up to the plasma since it probably has better PQ. I dont really care about the tv features but try them out and see what u think.