XBox making weird noises

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Hello all,

I will start by telling you that my XBox One is an original launch day release that I have not had any issues with up to this point. However, a few days ago I suddenly heard a loud pop noise come from the XBox followed by a crackling noise (no, there was no snap that followed). The XBox was still running, but I chose to immediately turn it off. I have not turned it on since then. I will also add that it is not the disc drive, because that was empty. Any thoughts on what it might be, or what I should do?


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Hmm, well I don't own an Xbox, but did have similar noises from playstations in the past (one of the PS3 models I believe). To the best of my knowledge, I think it is something to do with parts of the plastic casing heating up, and cooling down. So yeah, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is a problem with your console. Do you remember how long you had the Xbox running before you heard the noises?

Hopefully it's nothing too serious anyway!

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My fan crackles all the time from stuff going into the fan. I would turn it on and try your luck.

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Most likely just the plastic heating up and cooling down. I hear it from my PS4 at times as well as my PC

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Buy new one