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Hello all,

This thread is for people looking for new Xbox Live friends to play with from Gamespot.

Please use this thread to exchange your Gamertag if you want to, allowing others to game with you if you wish.

Please do not post your tag here though unless you are prepared for anybody viewing Gamespot to be able to view it. Those who do exchange please continue our community spirit via Xbox Live and do not use this as a way of trolling users etc.

Thank you.

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gamertag: DeizxNuttzz

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#3 Posted by Daniel_stokes81 (25 posts) -

DanPStokes gonna buy a load of games this week

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#4 Posted by RPG-er (19293 posts) -

GT: FirestarterZero

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Gamertag: H3CTiKxCOBRA

Addi if you wanna play Ryze ^_^

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#6 Posted by jorge_16 (61 posts) -

GT: ShaolinStyle631

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GT: sandmanarenas

available to play on both 360 and One, I enjoy competitive and social gaming, so add me if you feel like playing and chatting.

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#9 Posted by slimdogmilionar (975 posts) -

slimdogmilionar plays everything

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#10 Posted by Chastity1419 (25 posts) -

I need gamer friends. Gamertag: Chastity1419

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#11 Posted by Fuhrer_D (350 posts) -

gamertag: Fuhrer D

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#12 Posted by lankywand59438 (25 posts) -

I have the 360 and xb1 can play several different games


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#13 Posted by Rwinzing (25 posts) -

GT - FABrewing

Titan Fall, COD

Just looking for good folks to game with

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GT: CraigGB 90

I play 360 and One :)

play loads of different games

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#15 Posted by pomaiye (25 posts) -


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#16 Posted by Medival (25 posts) -

Hey there guys my GT is Zero Vextral feel free to add me.

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#17 Posted by Roxas658 (111 posts) -

My gamertag is BIaster Blade (the I in blaster is actually a capital i) I have xbox 360 and xbox one :)

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#18 Posted by TuuPumpChump (99 posts) -

Gt- TuuPumpChump

Going to be playing a lot of titanfall. Pretty solid player, just think it would be easier with others. Message me online if ya want to play

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Hello Everyone, My Gamertag is Myst1cDragon69

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#20 Posted by nyeeh (25 posts) -

gt- nyeeh69

playing a heap of titanfall, maybe too much.

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#21 Posted by wanilladeath (25 posts) -

gamertag: wanilladeath

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#22 Posted by Ch3mdawq (25 posts) -

GT: Ch3mdawq

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#23 Posted by FIFaZ (25 posts) -

GT: MasterHalo21

Looking for new friends and also people who wants a good challenge. Feel free to add me.

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#24 Posted by Undue_Influence (72 posts) -

GT: Astral Fissure

Playing from Perth WA, and BF4, Fifa 14 and Titanfall so far.

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Gamertag--- Irish Montreal.Add me. I play games from time to time,not seriously/hardcore.Play for fun and to pass some time.

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#28 Posted by christopher_d85 (25 posts) -

gamertag-- chrisdavis1985 Add me.

Forza 5, Need For Speed Rivals, Titanfall, Halo: Spartan Assault

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#29 Posted by Chrissyboo726 (25 posts) -

GamerTag: Chrissyboo726

Add Me...

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#30 Posted by gibson-les-rick (797 posts) -

forzan90 , Looking to play minecraft with anyone and a few other games.

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#31 Posted by Kaze_no_Mirai (11763 posts) -

Just ordered a Titanfall bundle on Amazon. Looking for people to add for some Titanfall matches. :) GT is BluesDrive

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#32 Posted by wallacom (196 posts) -

GT: RoyalEvidene

Playing Titanfall, BF4.

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#33 Posted by ScionGuy1 (25 posts) -

Gamer Tag: ScionGuy1

Currently playing Titanfall and CoD: Ghosts

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#34 Posted by DeadMan1290 (15528 posts) -

GT: DeadMan1790

I play Gears Judgment, Far Cry 3, Max Payne 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist and I wanna play Left 4 Dead 2 with people who really wanna play the campaigns.

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#35 Posted by Eregod (25 posts) -

Whats the advantage of having Live Gold account?

New to Xbox One, anyways my GT: Eregod

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I'll be adding people from here. GT will be BluesDrive

@eregod said:

Whats the advantage of having Live Gold account?

New to Xbox One, anyways my GT: Eregod

Online multiplayer. Access to apps: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Twitch.

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I have Xbox One and mainly play Titanfall at the moment. Usually around on weekends and some weekday after 6 PM EST.

GT: BSteiner81

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My Gamertag is Bran Ketra. The video games I play online via 360 are Gears of War and Gears of War 3, currently. The modes I play are warzone and execution, though I might play team deathmatch if I do not find any matches within those mode parameters. I also have Halo: Combat Evolved Combat Anniversary and Halo 4 among other games.

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#40 Posted by CRUSHER88 (1870 posts) -


Can add for X1 games: Titanfall, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, and Battlefield 3.

Maybe have a message attached to the add saying "GS" so I have an idea of who you are.

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#41 Posted by Larchey (25 posts) -

GT: Larchey

Xbox 360 Only.

Got a bunch of games with co-op features, and plans to invest in more. Also, I'm on UK time (had issues catching people because we didn't factor in time zones)

(apologies if this posted twice, didn't show up first time I posted)

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#42 Posted by SkywardSoldier (25 posts) -

I only have an Xbox One, Skyward Soldier is my GT.

I mostly play Killer Instinct, and I record KI as well for my channel. But I also play PvZ: Garden Warfare, Peggle 2, Titanfall, and Forza 5.

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GT: XI Psquared IX

Xbox 360

Mainly play CoD games and now titanfall. Will play NHL or FIFA as well.

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#44 Posted by Rival96 (25 posts) -

GT: Dutch Rival

Online every day, xbox 360 only

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#45 Posted by thethirstyrage (25 posts) -

hello am new to xbox got xbox one

Gamertag: thethirstyrage

TimeZone: gmt

Currently have fifa 14 titanfall

Age 26

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#46 Posted by taaun (25 posts) -

GamerTag: Chief Taaun. add meee

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Just joined this board, so why not. I could use new xbox 360 friends anyhow.

I mainly play COD Ghosts, but also would be willing to play some MW2/Black ops/MWF3 for multiplayer gaming, with Titanfall as my next prospect soon.

GT: msliljoeyy