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So recently got a month free pass along side a disk version of Halo 5. After the initial install and update, I rebooted my Xbox One and forgot to insert the Halo disk. Little to be known, clicked on the Halo 5 game app and it booted without a disk. This has me mind fucked now because when going to the Game Pass menu, it shows Halo 5 as installed through Game Pass and is telling me pay the full amount to keep it. Being that I have the disk version, when my Game Pass trial ends, will I have to re install everything from scratch being that it’s reading off the Game Pass and not the Disk?

Also, is there a way to prohibit the Xbox One from installing from the Game Pass category when instead you want it to be installed from the disk?

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no you won't need to reinstall, its the same thing. when your trial period runs out youll just have to use the disc. if you want to install from the disc just disconnect the internet. the disc is only for installation only.

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No, you shouldn't have to reinstall it once your Game Pass sub ends... once it's installed, that's it. They're all the same version. Once the Game Pass sub ends, you'll obviously lose access to the game. But once you insert your disk, it'll play.

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@hrt_rulz01: thanks so much on that. Guess my follow up question is, wouldn’t my Disk install be smaller? I read somewhere online it’s only 60gb. However when I checked now it’s 96gb, is that because it’s downloading from Game Pass? I prefer the smaller game file if possible.

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@HoVDaHuSTLa1: Nah there updates , so even if you installed only off the disc and you want to be connected to the internet you're still going to have to download the updates.