Xbox Division could be sold

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So, I read [rumors] in another article, that the new Microsoft CEO could sell Microsoft non critical divisions, and it includes the Xbox division. So the company can focus on some important strategies like Office Apps. So if this happens, this could put an end on the microsoft console XBONE? What do you guys think about it?

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The Xbox brand will continue even if Microsoft does sell the division. But the console will live on. The Xbox one just won't have the Microsoft prefix if the Division is sold off. It will take 18 months for MS new CEO to sell the Xbox brand. If Sega, SNK, NEC, Atari could band together and buy Xbox brand. Sumsung could do it. Even EA could buy it.

But Xbox will live on.

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if feel like that would be a dumb move. when i think microsoft 3 things come to mind: Windows, Office, and Xbox. but what do i know. its not a big deal the XBOX ONE is not going anywhere.

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@drodriguesaar: This is a ridiculous rumor. NOT going to happen. MS has poured billions into the Xbox over the years and it's only within the last few years that they finally have started turning a profit. That's number 1. Number 2, the XBox One is going to make money right from the get go. Each console sold from day 1 will make them money. First time in gaming console history this is going to happen. So again, why would you sell now when you've finally turned the corner financially with the Xbox. Number 3....MS has wanted into the living room and controlling our entertainment in the living room since the first xbox. With the Xbox One, their vision is finally about to come true. So, why sell now???

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I also hear rumors about Sony's commitment to PlayStation as well. My honest opinion as a both console gamer that follows the business side of things is that both companies are "in" with this next gen until it plays out. That will give us all a nice run of value with either (or both) consoles.

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It is likely to happen. It will mean another company will be running the Xbox brand instead of MS but it will continue to be around in the near future.

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There is no way EA will buy Xbox. They would have to stop producing games for the wii, and the playstaion. They wouldn't want to sell games to companies competing against them. If they bought it, they would probably lose money.

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idk but the xbox one controller is 1999 archaic lol.

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he's not the new ceo... He's is someone who applying for the job

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@Woe2spread said:

idk but the xbox one controller is 1999 archaic lol.

Pure idiocy right there

The Xbox One controller is patterned off of tournament controllers

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@k2theswiss said:

he's not the new ceo... He's is someone who applying for the job

Yes this. And by saying he would like to get rid of Bing and Xbox i'm of the opinion that he has slimmed down his chances of getting the position. Even if so I think they are putting an intern CEO in for the next year and half or something like that, (I believe it's the current COO). Considering both Xbox brand and Bing are both going up it's a silly thing to do in my opinion. But then again Elop cut 40,000 jobs when he took over Nokia so......