Xbox 360 won't download update from april 1st

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wow where to begin lol alrite so the update that came out april 1st my xbox can't complete the system update. so i called xbox support they guided me through all the usual bs troubleshooting.tried manually installing update with usb and cd it won't work..then they said they wuld check into it and fix it or wait for the new update they told me they were bringing out soon. i waited waited waited for few weeks nothing happened. so i called a second time went through all the same crap said they wuld check into it again wait for update..few more weeks go by its been a month now..i just called a 3rd time today. went through same stuff all over again .then guy tells me my internal 4gb memory is "broken" does my internal memory mess up overnight while the console is off lol? my xbox just worked fine night before then i get on in the morning to do the update it wuldnt work. he told me it just breaks like that "deal with it or request an xbox repair. they want $100 to fix it wow microsoft..been a loyal xbox member over 8 years. thanks for lying to me m$ and tossing me aside like trash.. share this please

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Dude it's an electronic device, these things aren't meant to last forever unfortunately, they **** up over time. Get off your high horse is what I think, he told you it's broken you can't expect Microsoft to fix it for you for free.

Pay for the fix or throw it in the bin and buy a new one. It's up to you now.

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If the 4gb is the issue, wouldn't replacing it with the 250g drive solve the problem? Sure, it's probably more than $100, but you're also gaining more storage in the process.

I have an older 360 with attached 250g hard drive and have only about 8g left. There's no way I could game with 4g. That sh*t would fill up quick.