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I am gonna be grabing the new 360 soon the skyrim/forza 4 bundle and im wandering if it is possable to put music on the HD and use it for custom sound track options in games. Such as intro music for wwe/ufc games or just backgrond music on games like halo etc. If so can anyone list games that it can be done with or link me to a list of games for it that its possable with. Thank you so much for your time and all answers to this question.

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It's only few select games that you can have your own soundtrack.
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yes, you can load songs on to the hard drive. then when you play what ever game you want your music in hit the xbox button in the center of the controller then right (twice i think) and at the bottom is the rewind, f.forward, play, stop buttons. you might want to turn the in game music down or off first.

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You can play you're own background music, I also noticed as soon as I press it mutes the games music for me, (how thoughtful).
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Not many games allow you to make custom soundtracks. You can just play the music from the XBOX Music Player (from the guide) and the music will play during the game, along with all the game sounds unless you change the volume controls. I used to play music that way all the time through my iPod. For custom soundtracks, I think wrestling games will be just about the only games to still offer it, if they still do offer it I'm not sure.